Paulo Thiago Gets a New Four Fight Deal with the UFC

After suffering two straight losses in the UFC, Paulo Thiago and his management team were a little nervous they’d be getting that dreaded call. One week after his loss to Diego Sanchez at UFC 121, he did get a call, but not the one he expected. Instead of being cut from the company, he was offered a new four fight extension.

Rightfully so, if you ask me. The Brazilian standout has gone 3-3 in the UFC against some of the best in the division.  In six UFC fights the top ten ranked welterweight has accumulated three fight bonuses, one of each kind (KO, Submission and Fight of the Night). Not only that, he has never been stopped in any fight.

Hopefully with this deal, Paulo can quit his other job kicking the asses of Brazilian scum, and train fulll time. Maybe, come train some wrestling here in America. It’s something he clearly needs to do.

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