Lindland Says Chael Will Learn From Suspension

Matt Lindland had this to say about the Chael Sonnen situation: “I think Chael has made a couple of mistakes,  He didn’t think things through. I don’t think there was any malice in what he did at all. If you knew him really well, you’d understand that he’s not about, ‘How can I make a quick buck?’ The way I look at this stuff, it looks like somebody asked him to do a solid. In his mind, he didn’t think of the consequences and the ramifications behind this. It was like, ‘Oh yeah, sure.’ Part of the daily, ‘How can I help this guy out? I don’t agree with everything the UFC does, and I don’t even know if I agree with this, but I think it’s what’s best for everybody in the long run. There needs to be some consequences for actions. It just sucks that these consequences are that he can’t make a living in two of his chosen professions. I’ve said this before as his coach: He’ll put the work in, and he’ll stay dedicated, and he’ll stay focused. He’s an incredible athlete. He’s got all the tools. But in fighting, you have to be a tough motherf*cker.  And he’s just not very tough. I think this is partially his mistakes and partially maybe by design that Chael was lacking one element to make him a champion, and I think that’s the toughness. I really think he’s going to come out of this on the other side and be really, really tough.”

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