Is Megumi Fujii Really The Best?

Cagepotato had a great article on some of the biggest “cans” in mma.  Meaning they beat a bunch of nobodies and in a meaningful fight they lose.  One on the list that was surprising but after reading their reasoning, they are right is Megumi Fujii.  This is what they had to say:
Notable cans crushed in the last three years: Emi Fujino, Sarah Schneider, Tomomi Sunaba and Won Bun Chu

Biggest win in the last three years: Lisa Ward

Recent loss: Zoila Frausto

Look, this hurts me just as much as it hurts you. Fujii was long regarded as the greatest female fighter on Earth, but her undefeated record was built on the twisted limbs of journeywomen and newbies. Her run through Bellator’s 115-pound tournament last year was supposed to silence the critics…and then she couldn’t finish Zoila Frausto in five rounds, and managed to lose a controversial decision. We’re not saying it’s time to write Fujii off as a top competitor, but we have to start dealing with the reality that Fujii doesn’t hold victories over anybody with a meaningful reputation.

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