MMA Fight Corner crew’s Picks for UFC Fight for the Troops

Preliminary Card:

Bantamweight bout: Will Campuzano vs Chris Cariaso

Phil Devine (PD) – Will Campuzano’s boxing will be the factor in this one. Campuzano by TKO.

Heidi Fang (HF) – Will Campuzano is a relentless fighter, a slippery dude with the ability to escape almost anything.  I think Chris Cariaso will fail in his UFC debut.  I’m taking Campuzano by TKO.
Welterweight bout: Charlie Brenneman vs Amilcar Alves

PD- Amilcar Alves was not impressive in his UFC debut after coming in with high expectations. Unfortunetly for him I don’t think he’ll be able to do much against Brenneman. Brenneman by decision.

HF – The former winner of the first season of Pros vs Joes takes on Amilcar Alves who lost his UFC debut in UFC 118 via submission.  I like Alves here I think he’ll be able to submit Brenneman.  Give me kimura or give me death!
Lightweight bout: Waylon Lowe vs Willamy Freire

PD- Willamy Freire should win this one, but he could be walking into a trap. He’s on a lot of people’s radar as a top prospect in the division. Waylon Lowe is a tough guy and has the ability to make Freire’s UFC debut a rough go. This may go to the judges but I’ll stick with Willamy Freire.

HF- I think Friere will continue his 11 fight win streak.  Training out of Aldo’s camp never hurts either.  He’s a young fighter that will prove his revelance in his UFC debut.  Freire by Unanimous Decision.
Featherweight bout: Mike Brown vs Rani Yahya

PD- I think Browns’ ground game is good enough to hang with Yahya. So, unless he’s just not mentally there, Mike Brown should win this one.

HF- Wake up Mike Brown it’s time to fight! He’s lost 3 of his last 5.  This is not a good time to be a featherweight with more losses than wins.  He’s coming off a 3 round fight in UFC 125 to Diego Nunes.  I want Brown to win simply because I’d like to see him continue to fight.

Preliminary card ( Live Stream)
Welterweight bout: DaMarques Johnson vs Mike Guymon

PD- I like Guymon here.

HF- Here’s another fight where careers are on the line.  I really want to see Mike Guymon win this by KO.

Lightweight bout: Cody McKenzie vs Yves Edwards

PD- I think Yves can handle McKenzie’s guillotine. He’s a far better striker too! Look for Cody to get KO’d!

HF- I think this will be the first time that someone figures out how Cody McKenzie slaps on that guillotine.  McKenzie doesn’t have the striking power to take down a fighter like Edwards.  I’m going with Edwards with a TKO.

Main card

Lightweight bout: Cole Miller vs Matt Wiman

PD- This should be fun. Combined they have like 7 win bonuses in the UFC. How could you not expect fireworks? They may pick up a bonus after this fight as well. Sadly for Wiman, I think it will be Miller with submission of the night.

HF- Cole Miller facing his ol pal Wiman…this will be a sick fight.  I can’t help root for coooool Cole Miller to take the edge and win via submission.

Heavyweight bout: Patrick Barry vs Joey Beltran

PD- Pat Barry will kick Joey Beltran’s head into the press row. Nuff said

HF- Pat Barry is locked and loaded and ready to pound.  As long as he’s got enough gas and can duck a heavy hook, he’ll stay alive.  Someone will get KO’d – I hope!  Barry by KO.

Featherweight bout: Mark Hominick vs George Roop

PD- Hominik may have a little pressure on him to win, being granted a title shot and all if he does. But I think he’ll be alright and pull out the victory. Maybe by decision.

HF-Mark Hominik isn’t looking through or past this fight.  He will take Roop down and extend his win streak to 5.  Hominik vs Aldo will be quite a fight.

Heavyweight bout: Matt Mitrione vs Tim Hague

PD- Matt Mitrione continues to impress me. I think he’ll do the same again. Mitrione by TKO

HF- Matt Mitrione, don’t let me down now.  I just want Mitrione to dominate early and then play it smart against Hague.  This I can see going to the judges.  Mitrione by Unanimous Decision.

Lightweight bout: Evan Dunham vs.Melvin Guillard

PD- Melvin Guillard has the potential to seriously knock Dunham on his ass. That being said, Dunham will probably stop Melvin’s hot streak and submit him in the second round.

HF- Melvin Guillard has learned discipline, control and can still knock him down.  He has really rounded out his game and is ready for the next level.   I take Guillard by decision.

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