MMA Fight Corner Picks for UFC 126

UFC 126 is finally here! Every Super Bowl weekend the UFC puts together a stacked card to compliment the HUGE sports weekend and this year is no different. In fact, this year may be the biggest one yet.

Main Card:
Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort

Heidi: Silva Silva Silva was the last thing I think I tweeted on UFC 117. I fear Twittering, I do. It’s true. I’m glad this fight is finally happening after all the times it was meant to happen and didn’t. Silva is a true fighter capable of doing what he wants, whenever he wants to do it. I’m picking Silva to really clean through the division with a win over Belfort, probably late fourth round TKO.

Phil: Love him or hate him, Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter on the planet! He seems even more cocky and arrogant going into this fight then ever before. Ya know what, he has every right to be. Im not saying he’ll put Vitor away and finish the fight, but he will win.

Forrest Griffin vs Rich Franklin

Heidi: The bet is on. And I predict that Rich Franklin will have to get a I-Heart-Forrest-tramp stamp with butterfly wings. Forrest has finally returned to the UFC after 14 months off from injury and the only thing that concerns me is if he’ll have the stamina to handle Franklin. Forrest TKO as soon as possible.

Phil: I like both these guys. Not for their talent, let’s admit it, neither guy is at the top of the heap anymore. Both are really fun to watch, they are both good fighters that are well rounded. I think Franklin is a little bit better though. Franklin should win a entertaining decision.

Jon Jones vs Ryan Bader
Heidi: The first time I saw Jon Jones I thought he was the most electrifying fighter I had seen in awhile. And since there really isn’t a way to take the DQ off his record that shouldn’t be there in the first place, I think the best way to erase is it by handing the undefeated Bader a loss. Bader just doesn’t have an edge here. Jones KO.

Phil: I like Ryan Bader. He is a tough dude and one day will be on the top of the LHW division. Unfortunately he has to go through Jon Jones to get there. Not an easy task. Every fight Jones goes into is perceived to be his toughest challenge to date. This fight is no different and the result will be no different. Jones by anyway he wants.

Jake Ellenberger vs Carlos Rocha

Heidi: Jake Ellenbeger should win this as long as he doesn’t get caught in a crazy kimura or something. Ellenberger is hungry and wants this. He should blow right through Rocha.

Phil: This is a tough fight to call. Ellenberger is no slouch and will make it a tough go for Rocha but he will pull it out. Rocha wins a close fight.

Miguel Torres vs Antonio Banuelos

Heidi: Torres worst attribute as a fighter is his ability to stop takedowns. This is Banuelos’ edge. A strong sweeping takedown and a little ground and pound would be my strategy against a guy like Torres. Banuelos win by decision.

Phil: Torres is one of the best fighters in the world and should win this without any problems.

Donald Cerrone vs Paul Kelly

Heidi: Donald Cerrone is one of my favorite fighters. This match up is pretty crazy for his UFC debut, but I think he handle Kelly. I don’t see this fight going the distance, but I’d like to really see a fight full of some good back and forth exchanges. Cerrone by submission.

Phil: We will finally get to see how Cerrone will fair in the UFC. Paul Kelly is a tough dude and looks much better at 155. It will be a tough first match up in the UFC for Cerrone but he should pass.

Chad Mendes vs Michihiro Omigawa

Heidi: Both of these guys are very tough, very capable fighters. I lean towards Chad Mendes, one because he trains Alpha Male and every fighter out of that camp has ridiculous skill. Michihiro Omigawa has excellent takedown defense, but Mendes has great speed, greasy, fast, lightning speed enough to strike at will and take this one over. Mendes by decision.

Phil: Mendes by blanket.

Norifumi Yamamoto vs Demetrious Johnson

Heidi: Demetrious Johnson has ridiculous speed and finds weaknesses quickly. I can’t see Yamamoto working any ground game on him or staying limber enough to dodge Johnson’s takedowns. Johnson by Rear Naked Choke.

Phil: You are crazy! Kid Yamamoto all the way to the bank!

Paul Taylor vs Gabe Ruediger

Heidi:Paul Taylor hasn’t been up to snuff, losing 3 of his last 4 fights. Even if all the losses have been by decision, I don’t think he has what it takes to beat Gabe Ruediger. A loss will give Taylor walking papers by Monday. Ruediger by decision.

Phil: Ruediger doesn’t belong in the UFC. Taylor does and look for him to stay employed after he wins Saturday night.

Ricardo Romero vs Kyle Kingsbury

Heidi: I think Kyle Kingsbury will be submitted by Ricardo – end of the second or early third.

Phil: Romero took a licking in his last fight and just kept ticking. I like the AMA fighter to win again.

Mike Pierce vs Kenny Robertson

Heidi: Taking Robertson. I think his desire to prove he belongs in the UFC is there. This one will probably go to the judges.

Phil: Pierce, that’s all I have to say.

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