UFC 140: A Night of Comebacks

The upcoming UFC 140 matches are oozing with the rich flavor of comebacks. After losing the belt to Mauricio Rua and suffering the split-decision loss to Quinton Jackson (his only two losses), Lyoto Machida is fighting for more than just the Light Heavyweight Championship… he’s fighting for his own survival in the top ranks of MMA.

Taking on Jon Jones, who beat Rua and Jackson in his last two fights, Machida has rededicated himself to the quick striking and focused strategy that has brought him to the top of the UFC rankings. Another loss for him can spell doom… but it is a night of comebacks.

Coming off a number of disappointing comeback attempts of his own, former champion Tito Ortiz has slimmed down and taken training to whole new level. The question is… will Antonio Noguiera, who has never had a taste of the championship belt, put the final nail in Tito’s coffin? Or will his own disappointing string of losses continue?

Then of course there is Noguiera’s brother, Minotauro, who lost his belt three years ago to his challenger of the night, Frank Mir, and his been on the comeback trail ever since. After immediately losing the belt he took from Minotauro, Mir fought his way back into a championship match, only to lose again. The fight between Mir and Minotauro will decide which of them will remain as top contenders.

While there are other exciting fights of the night, make no mistake, UFC 140 is a night of comebacks… and everyone loves a comeback.

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