TUF 14 Finale – Josh Clopton vs. Steven Siler

After an injury to the original opponent, Josh “The Gentelman” Clopton is called up to face submission specialist Steven Siler at 145-lb.  Siler is perhaps best known for submitting Micah Miller to get into the TUF 14 house.

The first round featured Clopton pinning Siler against the cage, only find himself on the receiving end of some Siler plum clinch knees. Realizing he found something with the clinch,  Siler went back to it for the rest of the round. With a minute left Clopton snunk a big left hook in, and Siler was dropped to a knee, but Siler quickly recovered and finished the round near submission guillotine.

More of the same followed in the 2nd round with Siler controlling Clopton’s head for 45 seconds at a time and landing knees, uppercuts, and body shots. Clopton abandoned the stand-up game and secured a take-down midway through, but Siler was able to get back to the fight after eating a couple hammerfists. Face bloodied and nose bent, again Clopton found himself stuck in clinch and eating knees. He dove for another takedown and barely escaped  the 2nd round in another guillotine.

Clopton scored two takedowns early in the third round, but exhaustion allowed Siler to control Clopton and work back to the fight. Siler was aggressive till the final bell, but couldn’t finish the tough Clopton. Steven Siler took home his debut UFC victory by unanimous decision.


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