Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem Main Event Breakdown

Overall Record: Lesnar (5-2), Overeem (35-11)
Last 5 Fights: Lesnar (4-1), Overeem (5-0)

Wrestling Edge: Lesnar
Striking Edge: Overeem
Submission Edge: Overeem
Strength Edge: Lesnar
Speed Edge: Lesnar
Chin Edge: Overeem
Cardio Edge: Lesnar
Experience Edge: Lesnar*

*Many of you will read this and disagree with my assessment of giving Lesnar the experience edge. Based on their overall records, I can completely understand your position. However experience in this case is more than just MMA fights. Brock has hundreds of amateur wrestling bouts to his credit. He’s fought in the UFC 6 times, in the main event 4 times, compared to Overeem’s debut in the Octagon (has anyone ever heard of the dreaded Octagon jitters?). Furthermore, Brock has plenty more experience being a high profile figure within mainstream American Media. This will be all be a brand new experience for Overeem and it’s an experience Lesnar is very familiar with by now.

Athletically speaking, this is a classic striker vs. grappler matchup. Even more impressive, these two are arguably the best at they what the do in their division. Lesnar could very well be the top wrestler in the history of UFC Heavyweights. While Alistair Overeem is the reigning K1 Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion and has a proven track record with his striking.

The last time Overeem faced anybody with a fraction of the wrestling pedigree Lesnar has, was in 2003. In that fight, Overeem lost to Chuck Liddell at 3:09 in the very first round. That was nearly 9 years ago and a lot can change in 9 years. However when it comes to competing against a fighter with the wrestling background of Brock Lesnar, this will also be a completely foreign experience for Alistair.

If Alistair Overeem can survive Lesnar’s takedown attempts and keep this a stand up fight, there is absolutely no doubt in mind he will knockout Brock Lesnar and it won’t take him long to do so. Whereas if he does get taken down, we could very well see a repeat of Lesnar vs. Mir 2. In fact, I think this fight will end in a very similar fashion. During the UFC 141 preview, Brock’s coach Marty Morgan said the last time he felt this type of magic in a camp, was for the 2nd Mir fight.

The beauty of this sport is anything can happen at any given moment, especially in the heavyweight division (ask Cain Valesquez). However with all things considered, I have to go with the Baddest Man On The Planet on this one.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar wins via TKO in the 2nd Round.

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