Dana White regarding Twitter @ UFC 141 Press Conference “Common Sense Prevails”

MMA Fight Corner was at the UFC 141 Press Conference today.  After the main conference, Dana White sat down with a few media outlets to bring Miguel Torres back to the UFC.  Torres, as you know, was let go by the UFC recently due to a comment he made on Twitter.  Dana spoke candidly about Torres’ and other fighters’ responsibility on Twitter.  Here are a few of his comments:

“When you are sitting home on your couch I want you to really think.  Think about what you are going to say and going tweet.”

“He (Torres) could still be out of the UFC if he didn’t handle it the way that he did.  This guy handled it like a man and did what he was supposed to do without being told.  I respect that.”

When it came to speaking about fighters in general and their actions on Twitter, Dana explained, “Common Sense Prevails”.

Going forward, we will see what fighters will and will not tweet.  Dana has made it VERY clear that fighters should think before they tweet, and if they happen to say the wrong thing for the public to see, then the possibility of punishment is coming their way.

Tweet On.



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