Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone: “That’s a $1000 hat he knocked on the ground”

 The rivalry between Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Nate Diaz continues to build leading into UFC 141. There are no two fighters in the lightweight division who are so similar, yet despise each other as much as Diaz and Cerrone. Judging by their fighting styles and attitudes, you’d think they could be best friends. Both like to stand and bang, have solid submissions, employ a “don’t get in my face” attitude, enjoy high adrenaline sports, both fight high on emotion. Yet Donald Cerrone and Nate Diaz’s few differences are setting them up for an epic rivalry with “Fight of the Year” written all over it.


Diaz is viewed as a thug, where Cerrone is commonly known as the “Cowboy”. Diaz doesn’t like to interact with other fighters in his division. Cerrone will voluntarily introduce himself to a fellow lightweight fighter, especially if you’re talking to one of his best friends. That folks is really how this whole beef began. During an open workout for UFC 137, Donald Cerrone noticed one of his best friends talking to Nate Diaz. That friend was fellow UFC fighter Leonard Garcia. Cerrone thought if Leonard is talking to Nate, he must be a good guy. With that, he made his way over to Diaz for an introduction and reached out his hand. Only to have that hand slapped away by Diaz coupled with a verbal “punk ass” jab for good measure.


Now as we’re into fight week, the drama continues to unfold in front of our very eyes. During the UFC 141 pre-fight press conference, both fighters seemed to downplay their rivalry. Yet when it came to the customary pre-fight stare down. Words were mumbled, bodies were pushed and according to Cerrone, a $1000 hat was knocked on the ground.


24 hours after the incident, Cowboy blogged to to discuss the events of the previous day. The blog itself contains numerous punch worthy lines including. “That’s a $1000 hat he knocked on the ground”, “the bully is getting bullied”, “Now the tables have turned on you and you’re getting punked out” and “I’m in his head now, he looked uncomfortable when I worked out in front of him, and he freaked out yesterday.”


Judging by Cowboy’s comments, this fight has war written all over it. Read Cowboy’s full blog over at


My prediction for UFC 141’s Co-Main Event: Fight of the Night!

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