UFC 141: Diaz vs. Cerrone

One of the most exciting fights of UFC 141 tomorrow night has to be between Nate Diaz and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Cerrone hasn’t lost in his last six fights and is coming off the best year of his career. Diaz has had a spotty rise up the UFC ranks, winning just one of three matches this year. Still, this fight will decide the top contenders for Frankie Edgar’s lightweight title.

Both fighters have similar striking and submission styles — and both love to submit. Nate is a Cesar Gracie student, but Cerrone may have an edge in the ground game; finishing half his matches by submission. The real tale will be told on their feet. The speed, timing, and power of their fists will dictate the direction of the match.

On paper alone, Cerrone has a significant edge, but Diaz has a reputation of summoning heart in the most unlikely of places. This match will be an action-packed adventure featuring two of the most popular lightweights around. For Cerrone, a win will mean a shot at the title. For Diaz, a win will launch him back into the top ranks of the lightweight division. For UFC fans… an exciting match that won’t go the distance.

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