UFC 141 Featherweight bout: Manvel “Manny” Gamburyan vs. Diego Nunes

UFC Opens up their adrenaline packed night with two featherweight warriors, Manvel “Manny” Gamburyan (11-6) vs. Diego Nunes (16-2). Manny’s style mixes a combination of Judo and Wrestling, while Diego has a more Muay Thai (South Brazilian Champion) and Jiu Jitsu (purple belt) background. Both men share a reach of 67in.

Both fighters look to get back on the right track with a win, after losing their last bouts.

Pre-fight: Nunes comes out with his Team Pretorian gear (to match current Champ Jose Aldo) looking very relaxed and ready to go. Followed by Manny who heads to the octagon looking amped up and focused, seemingly not being able to stand still for even one second before entering the Octagon. Manny one year the elder, both men 145lbs, with a 67in reach.

Round 1: They touch gloves, Manny steps forward with the pressure throwing jabs early in the first and being the aggressor. Diego circling and looking to land leg kicks to keep the distance. Diego looking very light and quick on his feet, stuffing two of Manny’s take-down attempts with 3:20 left in the first round. Manny struggles for a takedown and gets it with 2:10 left in the first. Diego gets back up, and gets the center of the Octagon back, and proceeds to throw more leg kicks to the left thigh of Manny. 1:10 left in the first. Diego stuffs another take-down with 40seconds left in the round. Diego lands a spinning back kick at 15secs. Round ends with both men looking to land a good shot, they run out of time.

(Manny gets one takedown, Diego lands more shots, mainly leg kicks and one spinning back kick)

Round 2: Manny starts the round with a burst of speed and tries to close the distance, trying to stay away from Diego’s leg kicks. Manny lands a huge right hook with 4:20 left in the round. Manny pushes Diego up against the cage, Diego then reverses and almost finds his back taken by Manny, he wisely bottoms out against the cage and gets back to the center of the Octagon. Diego tries with the spinning back kick again but doesn’t land. 2:41 left in the 2nd,  Manny catches a kick of Diego and gets the single leg take down. 1:42 left in the 2nd, Manny lands some ground and pound strikes and cuts Diego, he’s stuck in half-guard but looking for a guillotine choke. Diego is able to stand back up at 1:10, and pushes Manny up against the cage. 10 seconds left and Diego throws a wild head kick to no avail.

Round 3: Last round, and Diego gets a warning about holding the cage before the round starts. Manny comes straight to the center of the octagon and stretches his arms out wide as if getting them ready to throw. Diego looking to land his power kicks as Manny searches again for that perfect right hook. Manny moves quickly side to side with 4mins left in the final and third round. Diego still landing plenty of inside leg kicks to Manny’s lead leg, and then switches to the outside to throw off his oppenent. Manny continues to stalk Diego and move to his inside. Manny shoots for a double leg and Diego strongly defends. Back to the stand up as both men push off of each other. Diego stuffs another take-down with 2:10 left in the round. Manny swinging for the fences and Diego does the same with a continuous flow of kicks. Diego lands an accidental groin kick, Diego stalking and misses with a spinning back fist with 1:10 left. Diego trying to change levels and avoid the hands of Manny. Diego again lands an accidental groin kick and the fight is stalled by referee Steve Mazzaggatti. After the break Diego continues with the heavy kicks and Manny goes directly for the take-down to try and seal the deal.

Unanimous Decision goes to Diego “The Gun” Nunes. (All judges 29-28)

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