UFC 141 Featherweight bout: Nam Phan vs. Jimy Hettes

Round 1: Hettes seems to be immediately moving at a faster pace than Phan, early on Hettes uses a lot of energy to smother Phan, 1:40 left in the first and Hettes does a text book hip toss and lands in full mount, putting Phan is some serious trouble. Hettes looks for the arm bar with 1:00 left to go, Phan in real trouble here, Hettes throwing hammer fist to loosen up Phan’s arm. Pham rocking back and forth trying to do anything possible to get out of this position, Hettes returns to the mount and lands some serious power to end the first.

Round 2: Both fighters come out quick looking to establish the center of the Octagon, Hettes pushes Phan against the cage and smoothly throws Phan to the ground once again. Phan goes for the leg lock and loses it, Hettes goes for a choke and is too high up on his body to really sink it, Phan reverses the position and lands some quick shots from the top. Phan trying to hold the position but Hettes is able to stand them back up, and push Phan against the cage in the clinch. They circle to the center of the Octagon again and Hettes is able to take Phan down again. They stand back up and Hettes gets Phan against the cage quickly again. Hettes with a quick Judo toss lands Phan back on his back, Hettes is side control looks for a choke and ends up back in Phan’s guard. Hettes holds Phan against the cage. The round ends.

Round 3: Both guys eager to take this round. Hettes’ status as a purple belt is questioned due to his supreme ground skills. Hettes goes for the outside trip and gets it. He lands in full mount, but Phan is able to use the fence to get to his feet, Hettes expertly circles right and moves Phan’s back away from the fence, getting the take-down again. Phan is able to stand up and they’re back in the center of the Octagon, Hettes hunts Phan down and pulls him to the ground again. Hettes maintains side control, Hettes looks for an arm-triangle with 1:20 left in the fight, he opts out and goes back to top control to land more shots. 49 seconds left in the fight, Phan looks to be clearly dominated as the fight comes to a grinding end, Hettes landing repetitive shots from the top. Phan looking very tired and trying his best to be evasive. Hettes hunting him down until the end. The fight is over.

Jimy Hettes wins by Unanimous Decision.

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