UFC 141 Featherweight bout: Ross Pearson vs. Junior Assunção

Junior Assunção vs. Ross Pearson

This is a UFC 141 Featherweight Preliminary bout, Ross Pearson (12-5) vs Junior Assunção (13-4), Brazilian fighter Junior Assunção challenges TUF winner Ross “Real Deal” Pearson. This is Pearson’s featherweight debut. Junior with a 2in reach advantage. (69-71inch) Both men weighing in at 145lbs.

Round 1: Pearson immediately steps forward and looks to establish distance with his kicks and speed, Assunção keeps a wide stance and hands wide ready to counter, Junior gets an early take down in the first minute of the fight, Pearson up against the fence, and Assunção jumps to Pearson’s back while Ross uses the cage to push off, back to the center of the cage, accidental head butt and they touch hands again saying, let’s go again. Both fighters feeling each other out and trying to find a good gauge of speed and distance. 2:24 left in round 1 and Assunção has Pearson against the cage once again. They’re off the cage again, and Assunção has his hands down and arms wide once again, he prompts Pearson to swing so he can counter. Assunção lands a clean combination while Pearson is in stalking mode not expecting the attack, Pearson lands up against the cage and Junior circles out. 10 seconds left and Pearson continues to stalk and not land.

Round 2: (Pearson’s corner asking for more well thought out combinations and more pressure, Junior’s corner says keep up the pressure, and don’t take him down unless you set it up first) Pearson comes out quick again, and Junior keeps his hands low and chin up, but yet is still able to change levels and grab the take-down with 4:30 left in the second, Ross gets up quickly and it’s a brawl now, both fighters swing and miss and end up in the clinch, Pearson is pinned standing up against the fence, Junior takes a step back after taking a knee and looks to take Pearson down again, Pearson avoids the take-down and opts out for a stand up battle again. Junior is very evasive and uses the footwork to avoid Pearson straight forward attack. Junior changes levels again and gets the clinch up against the cage again. Pearson pushes off and we’re back to square one. (Small cut under Assunção’s eye) Pearson lands a body shot, followed by a left jab that sends Assunção back a bit, they land in a clinch against the fence this time Pearson the aggressor. Assunção circles out and reverses, Pearson does the same and trips Assunção who gets right back up to land on top of Pearson, they stand up and the round is quickly over.

Round 3: Last round of the fight, fighters touch hands, and Pearson is quick to throw the right leg kick, Pearson gets caught by a jab while Assunção is on the way in for the take-down, Assunção takes Pearson’s back and is looking for the choke immediately. Junior loses control as Pearson stands back up to his feet, Pearson reverses the position and ends up the aggressor in the clinch, they separate and Assunção immediately goes for the take-down. Pearson stuffs the take-down, twice. Both fighters swinging for the fence with 2:30 left in the fight. Assunção goes for the take-down again and pushes Ross against the fence. Pearson lands a heavy left leg kick, Junior goes in for a take-down and catches a quick knee from Pearson. 1:30 left in the fight. Pearson holds Assunção against the fence in a clinch and lands some body shots, but fighters connect with elbows, they split up momentarily and Ross pushes Junior against the fence again, Pearson clearly trying to finish the fight, landing body shots and a couple good knees, while Assunção holds onto the legs of Ross in the final seconds of the fight.

Winner by Unanimous Decision Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson

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