UFC 141 Lightweight bout: Anthony Njokuani vs. Danny Castillo

Danny Castillo (12-4) vs Anthony Njokuani (15-5)

Round 1:
Njokuani is hyped and comes out quick, swinging but not landing, Castillo quickly responds with the take-down. Njokuani pushes off and quickly stands up. Castillo takes the back and takes it to the ground again, staying in control. Castillo grabs hold of a choke but Njokuani shakes him off. Njokuani returns with a choke attempt and Castillo throws him down again and holds onto the top control. Njokuani works hard and gets back up to the stand up and the round is over.

Round 2: Both fighters come out struggling to land strikes. Njokuani moves in for a clinch after Castillo misses a low kick, Njokuani quick to throw knees, two or three land and Castillo circles out, Castillo landing quick jabs. Njokuani lands a nice hook that wobbles Castillo, Castillo holds on and stands up with Njokuani. Njokuani lands another square knee. Castillo goes for the take-down and gets it again. Castillo looking winded. Njokuani throwing elbows from the bottom. Castillo on top but too tired to do damage now. Njokuani stands and Castillo shoots again, Njokuani stuffs the shot and the round ends.

Round 3: Njokuani comes out jabbing, Castillo returns with jabs of his own. Both fighters end up in the clinch and Castillo gets the takedown. Castillo once again in control but too tired. Njokuani attempts a leg lock and opts to stand up when he can’t finish. Njokuani lands a solid leg kick, Castillo shoots for the single leg and gets the take down. Njokuani stands up quickly but Castillo holds on. The audience is getting tired of the grappling. Njokuani running out of energy as well. Njokuani lands a flying knee but Castillo stands strong, the fight ends.

Winner Danny Castillo by Split Decision.


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