UFC 141 Welterweight bout: Dong Hyun Kim vs. Sean Pierson

These two welterweights face off for the third UFC Facebook Prelim fight. Sean Pierson (11-5) fighting for his first time in Las Vegas, with excellent Greco-Roman Wrestling takes on Dong Hyun “Stun Gun” Kim the South Korean who brings a Judo and Kickboxing style to the table, let’s see who can impose their plan first.

Round 1: Dong Hyun Kim needs to be prompted by the ref twice before realizing he’s being asked if he’s ready to go. They touch hands. Pierson takes the center of the Octagon first, but Kim is quick to push back, Pierson jumps into the clinch and pushes Kim up against the cage with 4:10 left in the first round. Kim breaks free and they’re back in the center of the Octagon. Kim lands a leg kick and Pierson catches it looking to counter with a right hook, but doesn’t land. Kim’s footwork looks fresh early as he avoids Pierson’s hands. Kim steps in with a left hand and moves out before Pierson can return. Pierson keeps catching Kim’s kicks but can’t do anything with it yet. Kim Landing nice punch combos. ( one-two, one-two, step back, one-two) Pierson appears to be reaching for Kim’s head, and Kim looks very relaxed avoiding the punches with the “lean-back” technique. Kim grabs a guillotine attempt and starts to land some knees, with 50seconds left. Pierson gets front trip Judo tossed by Kim. Pierson is able to land on top and behind Kim. Pierson holds the back position for the remainder of the round.

Round 2: Second round begins, both fighters touch hands again. Kim looking to use the long limbs, simultaneously Pierson trying to close the distance and get inside to land his shots. 4:00 left in the 2nd and Kim misses with a high left head kick. Kim is much faster to the punch than Pierson, and Pierson is having to wait to counter since his reach is limited. Both fighters push on and then immediately off the fence, back to the center, they exchange in the center and again land on the fence, but Kim pushes off again and looks to land big kicks in the center of the Octagon. Kim steps back away from Pierson combo and returns with a straight left and right counter punch. 1:40 left in the 2nd and Pierson pushes Kim up against the fence, Kim once again frees himself and we’re back to the stand-up game. Kim lands a nice left leg front kick to the head, Pierson shakes it off and they’re back to the center. The pace of the fight seemed to slow slightly, as both men are looking to land that one big shot now. Kim’s reach continues to give the advantage. 15 seconds left.. Kim lands another amazing front kick to the face and sends Pierson wobbling to the fence and down to his knees, Pierson saved by the bell, and needs guidance back to his corner. (The doctor asks if he’d like to continue, he says yes)

Round 3: Third and final round of the fight, Kim comes out aggressive and  trying to finish Pierson early. The end up in the clinch against the fence with 4:15 left in the 3rd(Pierson up against the fence).  Pierson circles out, lands a low knee and they’re back to the stand up game in the center of the Octagon once again. Kim Takes down Pierson with 3:30 left in the fight, Pierson is able to quickly stand, and catches a warning from the ref to release his hold on the cage, seconds later Kim takes him down again, landing in Pierson’s full guard, Kim being held close by Pierson, Pierson trying to control the posture to avoid the hands of Kim. 2:00 left in fight, Kim struggles for posture and decides to stand and surpass the guard of Pierson, Pierson holds onto half guard, and earns a ref prompted stand-up. Kim going for the front kick to the head again, but misses this time. 1:00 left in fight, both men searching for a big shot, they end up on the fence as Pierson pushes Kim up against the fence and goes for some dirty boxing, Kim easily pushes off, :20 left in fight, Kim circles out and throws a super-man punch, then another quick flying knee between the barrage of hands thrown by Pierson, (none of which landed).

Winner by Unanimous Decision Don Hyun Kim “Stun Gun”

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