UFC 141 Lightweight bout: Jacob Volkmann vs. Efrain Escudero

Efrain Escudero(Mex) (18-3) brings wrestling and kickboxing to the table, he’s the winner of the Ultimate Fighter 8, former member of Team Nogueira.  Efrain coming off of a two fight win streak. After being cut from the UFC he is back looking to win a big way, and has since been a very aggressive fighter. Jacob Volkmann (13-2) Technical wrestler, and strategist coming off of a 4 fight win streak. Volkmann 6 years the elder. (31 year old vs 25 year old)

Round 1: Volkmann the southpaw steps in low, while Efrain has a wide stance and is trying to find the distance with slow jabs. Volkmann jumps into a takedown attempt and Efrain grabs onto a guillotine attempt. Volkmann frees himself from the choke and gets side control, Efrain regains guard position and starts to throw up-kicks after pushing Volkmann up to stand up. Volkmann finds himself back in Efrain’s half guard, and is controlling the position quite effectively. Escudero trying to use a right under-hook to stand up, but Volkmann muscles him back down. 1:45 left in the first round, Volkmann using his weight and technical skill to keep Efrain on his back. Forty seconds left in the first and Volkmann grabs onto Efrain’s neck to control the position and avoid a ref prompted stand up. Volkmann postures up with 10 seconds left in the round and tries to land some shots, Escudero avoids.

Round 2: Volkmann was told to posture up and land some more shots from the top. Volkmann repeats round 1’s move by going for a double leg take down, Efrain once again grabs the guillotine attempt, and like deja vu Volkmann gets right back into half-guard after avoiding the choke. Volkmann back up into top control, trying to work and a land some elbows. Escudero gains full guard at 3:20. They are stood up at 3:00. Both fighters trying to find the distance, and Volkmann goes for the takedown again, Efrain gets pushed up against the cage and Volkmann works from the side of Efrain for the takedown, he takes his back and slams him down at 2:00 in the 2nd round. Escudero trying to work butterfly guard, immediately Volkmann proceeds to take his back. Escudero is in deep trouble no, Volkmann with double leg hooks preventing Escudero from escaping, Volkmann grabs a rear naked choke, but looks instead to sit up and throw some ground and pound. Efrain struggles to hold on to the arms of Volkmann with 10 seconds left in the round, he can’t get up. The round ends with Volkmann in clear control.

Round 3: Efrain’s corner is prompting him to turn it into a fist fight and land a knee if Volkmann goes for the takedown, the round begins. Volkmann closes the distance and lands some shots first. Efrain swings but can’t land. For the 3rd straight round Volkmann easily grabs Efrain (Who searches for a guillotine instead of defending) and puts him up against the cage. Volkmann is behind Efrain up against the cage with 3:40 left in the fight, landing left hands to the head and searching for the choke. Volkmann putting together a clear cut dominant performace. Herb Dean stands them up with no explanation as Volkmann is working for the finish. Volkmann says no problem, stands up and grabs Escudero from behind again, Volkmann has Escudero up against the fence quickly, Efrain grabs onto a choke at 1:10 and tries to quickly change the tide of this fight, he grabs onto a tight guillotine and puts volkmann back on the ground. Volkmann somehow survives while Efrain falls into north-south position for the last five seconds of the fight, but it’s not enough to change the former rounds.

Volkmann wins by Unanimous Decisions (All judges score the fight 29-28)

Volkmann then continues to call out Frankie Edgar… and tells a joke about Obama, which Joe Rogan doesn’t get, and the crowd doesn’t either.

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