Mark Hominick Exclusive: Discusses UFC 141’s Jim Hettes, Team Tompkins and the stoppage in Toronto

I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Mark Hominick on a couple of occasions now. In both scenarios Mark has always been a very down to earth, loyal person. When Mark discusses something he’s passionate about, like the Adrenaline Training Centre, you feel his enthusiasm, loyalty and commitment to the team. I often wonder what camps in the industry do fighters admire besides their own. So when I asked Mark what camp or head coach he’d like to work with if the stars all aligned, I wasn’t surprised to get his answer. Mark is focused on his team at Adrenaline and leading by example, just like his mentor Shawn used to.

During my interview with Mark we discussed his career, the Shawn Tompkins Memorial Fund, the 7 second stoppage and his passionate Canadian Fans.

I also asked Mark about Jim Hettes and UFC 141. Being that these fighters are in the same weight division, I wanted to get Mark’s thoughts on the performance Hettes displayed.  Hominick certainly sees a big future for the up and comer from Swoyersville, Pennsylvania.

Find out all the details by reading my full interview below: Thanks for giving me this exclusive interview Mark and Happy New Year. Do you have any new years resolutions for 2012?

Mark Hominick: My focus for 2012 is to get another winning streak and gain momentum with every fight. There are so many opportunities available with the growth of the sport and I am focused on solidifying my spot with the top guys once again. As many of us know, the late Shawn Tompkins was your coach and a great friend. If you could share one of Shawn’s messages to aspiring young martial artists, what would that message be?

Mark Hominick: Shawn taught me about what passion truly is and committing to following your dreams. He really led by example, which why I also respected and admired him so much. Is the Shawn Tompkins Memorial Fund still active? How can people help out if they want to get involved?

Mark Hominick: The Shawn Tompkins Memorial fund will continue to be a focus for all. Our goal is to carry on his name with events that are centered around his aspirations.  If you’re interested in making a donation to the fund, please email After UFC 140, you said you had hoped you and your team now have some closure of Shawn’s passing. Now that you’ve had some time to reflect, do you feel you have been able to receive the closure you need?

Mark Hominick: I really feel it will always be tough for us to carry on without Shawn, but we are focused on carrying on Shawn’s name and what he created for all of us. It is motivating knowing that we are the flame carrier’s for Team Tompkins future. Speaking of UFC 140, many in the live crowd thought the 7 second stoppage was too early. Have you had a chance to review the tape and if so, what are your thoughts on the stoppage?

Mark Hominick: The stoppage was justified and I was definitely caught on the button, so there was never a point where I felt the stoppage was too early. It was just a tough pill to swallow since I wanted the win very badly. Did you have a chance to watch UFC 141 and if so, what are your thoughts on Jim Hettes as a fighter and as a potential future opponent for you?

Mark Hominick: I thought Jim Hettes was very impressive at UFC 141. He really showed what the wave of new MMA fighters is going to look like. Which are extremely well rounded fighters, dangerous in every aspect of the game. Many of the fighters coming up now started training in MMA as a whole as opposed to a specific art like boxing or BJJ etc. How comfortable are you at 145lbs? Have you ever thought about moving up or down in weight?

Mark Hominick: I have always thought I am best suited at 145lbs and that is where I am most competitive and will be a World Champion, which has always been my focus and goal. Obviously you’re very happy at Adrenaline in London Ontario and that camp is very close to your family. However If all the stars aligned one day, is there any particular training camp or head coach with whom you’d like to work with?

Mark Hominick:  I really think the group we are building at Adenaline is very strong and gaining momentum. Shawn always stressed loyalty within the Team, which is something I still stress at the gym. You have an extremely passionate group of Canadian fans. How different is it for you to fight in your home country as opposed to fighting on foreign land?

Mark Hominick: It has been an amazing experience to fight at home and something that I will always remember. The amount of support I received was almost overwhelming and is motivating knowing you have support all around you. Speaking of fans, you have always been very gracious and appreciative of yours. What is the best way for fans to keep up with you and your career?

Mark Hominick: I am very active on twitter and that is always the best way to follow and interact with me personally. I try to respond to everyone that has any questions. Twitter: @MarkHominick Last but not least, is there one MMA fighter, past or present that would represent a “dream fight” for you?

Mark Hominick: My dream fight has always been whoever is wearing the 145lb belt.



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