FOX Speaks: The Gun Store receives UFC sponsorship ban

A new article posted on suggests the Gun Store has been banned from all future Zuffa promoted events. The reason for the ban? UFC’s new found home on network television.

The UFC has yet to make an official announcement, however has received word from various sources close to the promotion that as of Jan. 23, “absolutely no firearms, ammo, hunting or knife companies will be permitted as sponsors in any Zuffa-promoted events.”

The Gun Store, owned by Chris Irwin, has long been one of the most recognized sponsors in the UFC. However they did have a similar ban with Strikeforce (prior to Zuffa buying them out) due to their relationship with CBS and network television.

A FOX representative confirmed with that FOX is responsible for the ban: “UFC is complying with its FOX Sports Media Group contract, which applies to events and shows carried on its networks,” a statement issued by the representative said. “Beyond that, FOX does not comment on its standards and practices.”

When asked about the new ban, Gun Store owner Chris Irwin seemed disappointed for the fighters by saying: “If you’re not at the pinnacle of this league, if you’re not Georges St-Pierre or the Diaz brothers or those guys up there, some of these guys don’t make a lot of money,” Irwin said. “This is really all they have. So the ones I can help out, I’m going to help out, especially the local ones here in Vegas that I know personally. But it really is the fighters that are suffering, and it’s kind of unfortunate for them”

The Gun Store, based on Las Vegas, allows their customers to rent and shoot various firearms in a controlled environment. It also sells firearms, ammunition, accessories and offers concealed firearm permit classes. Their website can be found by clicking this link:

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