Chael Sonnen: Anderson Silva “Is As Relevant as Mike Tyson”

If he wasn’t so focused and sane, I’d say he’s crazy. Chael Sonnen has been bandying about a fake championship belt, claiming he is the champion, and dissing Anderson Silva and his accomplishments, every chance he gets. “Chael is Nuts,” Dana White told at a Chicago press conference today. “He says all kinds of crazy things… he’s not the champion.”

The real issue for Sonnen came up last week when he was given short notice for the Bisping fight. “I feel it goes both ways,” Sonnen commented on the lack of preparation time, “… it’s not what either of us were ready for.” For some reason, after learning that the Sonnen-Bisping winner will be the #1 contender for Anderson Silva’s middleweight belt, Sonnen proclaimed, “Don’t fall for the hype, Anderson Silva and I are never going to fight again under any circumstance in any parallel universe you are not going to see that fight happen again. It is a No. 1 contender’s bout and when I get that golden voucher and punch my way onto the finals I will make an announcement on whether I’m going to take on (UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre) GSP or (UFC light-heavyweight champion) Jon Jones. I do intend to hold (UFC president) Dana (White) to his word and I will cash that in for a title shot. But I promise you it will not be against Anderson Silva.” Adding more fuel to the fire Sonnen stated: “As far as I’m concerned, he is as relevant as Mike Tyson, and the only thing he hasn’t done is announce his retirement,” Sonnen said. “He should paint his face, gain 100 pounds, sit in the third row and hope that somebody remembers who they are because neither of those guys matter anymore.”

So at the event today, while Dana White was answering silly questions about Chael’s claims, he showed up with a replicated championship belt, claiming he stole it from Silva, “like a gangster in the night.” He went on to make more inane and inflammatory claims to spur a rise from the reporters… and White. “He will fight Anderson Silva if he wins,” insisted White, amid Chael’s antics.

But at the event, Michael Bisping wasn’t just going to sit there and let Chael Sonnen run his mouth. Bisping retaliated, asserting, “He can keep his fake belt and shove it up his ass. He ain’t fighting Silva.” Chael Sonnen (26-11-1) will be facing Michael Bisping (22-3) this Saturday night, on Fox; The winner will face Anderson Silva for the championship belt.


Source: MMAJunkie

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