Pat Barry’s Got Nothin to Hide

Pat Barry’s feeling on top of the world after taking home a victory over Christian Morecraft in UFC on FX 1 and he couldn’t be more ecstatic about where he is right now.

As far as what’s next, Barry told MMA Fight Corner, “I’ve got my eyeball on anyone who’s a heavyweight.  People wanna hear big names, but, As long as I’m getting a fight in the UFC to me that’s all that matters…As long as I’m getting a fight I’m throwin thunder at anybody who’s standing across from me, no matter who it is.”

The Morecraft win put new skills on display proving Pat “HD” Barry to be much more improved in his takedown and submission defense, which Barry explained was part of the game plan.

“The fight happened the way it was supposed to minus one or two things here or there. You know I mean I was able to avoid some submissions. I was able to stay poised.  I was able to stay composed. you know, work my way back to my feet. Now the downside is I wasn’t supposed to fall on the ground though.  And did I show advancement in Jiu Jitsu? Yes. But did I show that my wrestling game has gotten better? No, I did not.”

Working on becoming more well-rounded and versatile in his ground game is exactly why he’s made the move to Death Clutch.

“I moved to a place where I’m the smaller guy, I’m the weakest guy. I’m the newest guy. A majority of the people in the UFC have been wrestling since they were two.”  Barry explained he never really had the experience of learning Martial Arts or wrestling growing up, in fact he was a gymnast.  He’s obviously making progress, working hard to evolve his abilities as a fighter.  But he even admits, “It’s not a secret.  If you’re gonna beat Pat Barry, you have a better chance of doing it on the ground than you do standing.”

As Barry works to improve his ground game, he assures us that he won’t deviate from using his heavy hands that have helped him make his mark in the UFC.  “I’m always going to be a striker. Im always gonna be striking. I’m always gonna be punching…but I gotta have like cliff notes on wrestling.” But when push comes to shove, Barry will unleash anything it takes to fight the good fight.

“If you punch me in the head hard enough, you’re gonna see some of the most awesome white belt Jiu Jitsu, wrestling ever.”

While Barry’s best known for making his mark with his knockout wins, that’s not necessarily how he wants to approach every fight. “My intention is not to stand and bang with anyone.  My intention is to stand and hit people and not get hit back.  No thank you. I’m allergic to getting punched in the face.”

With the quality training Barry’s picking up at Death Clutch, comes training with quality fighters like Cole Konrad who he says “makes the likelihood of going to 205 become a lot more probable.”  With the caliber he sees in Konrad, Barry knows the UFC is sure to take notice soon. “Cole Konrad will be in the UFC.  The UFC is going to grab Cole Konrad eventually. They have to. This guy is the undefeated champ of Bellator and it’s only a matter of time before they bring him over.  And I’m giving a fair warning to all those in the UFC watch out.”

Until Barry fights again in the Octagon, one thing is for sure, he’ll have a different look. “I’m gonna cut the sides, but the plan is to not cut the top until I submit someone in the UFC.”

Here’s hoping for a Joe Rogan haircut as opposed to Clay Guida’s for the ever entertaining Pat Barry.

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