UFC on FOX 2: Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis

UFC Light-Heavyweight Bout:

Former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans takes on up and comer Phil Davis, the former NCAA Division 1 Wrestler (Penn State). After weeks of trash talk over who’s the better wrestler it all comes down to tonight’s UFC on FOX 2 Main Event, to see who truly is ready to face the current Light-Heavy champ Jon Jones.

(Evans 21-1-1, Davis 9-0)

Refereed by Herb Dean

Round 1: Rashad starts the round low, and stands to meet Davis in the center of the octagon, Davis throws a left high kick that doesn’t land, both fighters in a feeling out process, Davis lands a right leg kick, Rashad keeps moving and avoids another high kick. Davis again with the low right leg kick. Davis circling away from Rashad’s right hand. Davis moves in quickly and slips momentarily, they clinch and push apart quickly, Davis ducks under a punch and Rashad sprawls on top of Davis. Davis stands and catches a piece of Rashad’s straight right. Davis circling and backing up. Rashad stalking. Davis using his legs to keep the distance. Rashad counters a jab from Davis with a quick combo to the head, Davis moves in quickly and slips to his knees, immediately standing up into a clinch and pushing Rashad against the fence. Rashad moves away and avoids a head kick throw by Davis. Davis throws a kick and Rashad catches his leg, throwing right hand punches and takes Davis down, landing in his half guard, Rashad now on top in half guard, Rashad gains side control and gets Davis in a mounted crucifix. Davis’ head now exposed and Rashad looks to land heavy left hands and maintain position. Rashad controlling the fight as Davis tries to roll to all fours. Round over.

Round 2: Davis throws a feinting combo up top and throws a huge right head kick that misses by a mile, Rashad dances under it. Rashad throwing quick combos that don’t reach, Davis moves in for the clinch. Rashad able to push off and throw a quick jab, while Davis lands an inside leg kick. Rashad checks a low right leg kick thrown by Davis. Davis circling and using his kicks again to judge distance, Rashad swings and misses landing in a clinch momentarily. Davis trying to throw more kicks now, not many landing. Rashad still stalking, pushing Davis against the fence and landing a body shot, Rashad holds Davis against the fence and catches him on the way out with a right hand. Rashad throwing quick combinations, and Davis is now feeling the pressure. Rashad the more precise striker. Davis landing light inside leg kicks. Rashad moving forward with a quick boxing counter. Knee by Davis to the body, and Rashad responds with a quick right hook, pushing Davis against the fence and roughing him up up top with punches. Davis circles to the center of the octagon. Rashad catches a body kick and uses it to take Davis down and gain side control. Rashad ends the round on top landing short shots to the head while holding Davis down.

Round 3: Davis throwing leg kicks, both checked by Rashad, and missing with combos as well. Rashad establishing a nice defense upstairs, and is able to stuff Davis’ takedown and stand up. Davis stays down and holds onto the single leg Rashad doing a good job defending. Rashad able to push and stand up to get the takedown on Davis. Rashad now on top controlling the fight again. Rashad takes Davis’ back. Davis stands and Rashad pushes him back up against the fence. Davis lands a knee to the body, Rashad throwing a hard right and follows with a right upper-cut Davis down on his knees for the takedown, but Rashad defends and pushes him back against the fence. Rashad chasing Davis down and landing hard punches. Davis runs in and gets the double leg, Rashad struggles to his feet. Davis pushes Rashad up against the fence, using a body lock. Davis throwing knees to the legs of Rashad. Davis holds Rashad against the fence, Rashad reverses and the round ends.

Round 4: Rashad immediately the one to stalk first, Davis attempts to fire back to push him away. Rashad steps in with two quick jabs, Davis throws a hard body kick that lands. Rashad using his jab to keep Davis in range. Davis throws a combo up top and Rashad counters with a left and right straight of his own. Davis circling away as Rashing reaches forward with looping hooks. Rashad utilizing the jab to set up combos. Davis not able to keep up. Rashad catches a kick and pushes Davis against the cage. Davis able to posture up and hold Rashad’s head down, Rashad pushes off and chases Davis down to the center of the octagon again. Davis shoots and Rashad sprawls, landing on top and controlling the position. Rashad landing an uppercut on the ground. Rashad takes Davis’ back and Davis stands. Davis faces Rashad and gets pushed against the fence, Rashad counters another takedown and both fighters stand back up. Rashad lands a nice right hand counter and Davis gets pushed back. Round over.

Round 5: Davis swinging from the get go, Rashad stepping back and countering quickly , Rashad checks a low right leg kick, Rashad avoiding the hands of Davis, Rashad catches Davis’ kick and throws heavy right hands to Davis’ face. Rashad uses the leg to take Davis down and lands on top of him.Davis now bleeding from the shin after getting his kicks checked. Rashad lands in a mounted crucifix for the second time in the fight, Davis flips to all fours and Rashad throws punches to the head. Davis stands and Rashad lands a straight right to the head of Davis. Rashad changes levels and lands a body shot, followed by a strong right hand, and a leg kick which encourages Davis to go for the takedown. Rashad pushes Davis up against the fence. Davis throws a big head kick, but again Rashad ducks under. Davis still trying to land punches. Rashad countering Davis’ hands and steps forward with an attack of his own, both fighters clinch push off, and Rashad lands a solid right hand. The fight ends.

Judges Scorecard:
Combined scores of 50-45

Winner by Unanimous Decision: Rashad Evans

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