UFC on Fox 2: Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping

UFC Middleweight Bout:

Chael Sonnen a former NCAA Division 1 wrestler, (and the only man to put on a semi-good performance against the pound for pound best in the world Anderson Silva before being put in a 5th round triangle choke.) will fight Michael “The Count” Bisping, who is coming off of a truly dominant performance against Jason “Mayhem” Miller.

(Bisping 23-3 Sonnen 26-11)

Round 1: Sonnen comes out quick with his hands up, Sonnen quickly takes Bisping down, Bisping quickly scrambles to his feet and backs up quickly pointing to his eye, but Sonnen gives him no space, forcing Bisping to respond by throwing his hands in defense, Sonnen re-engages the clinch against the fence and throws Bisping to his seat, Sonnen utiiizing his ground and pound skills. Bisping stands quickly and pushes Sonnen against the fence, going for a double leg shortly but deciding to stand up again. Sonnen continually moving forward and pushing the pace, giving Bisping no space to work his stand up. Bisping gets pushed against the fence and circles around to reverse the position, Sonnen being held up against the fence, Bisping backs up and throws some punches, Sonnen swings and misses, Bisping throws a spinning back kick that misses and Sonnen re-engages the clinch. Once again Bisping spins around and pushes Sonnen against the fence. (Ref warns Bisping about grabbing the top of the fence) They push off and both fighters throw combos quickly, Bisping getting caught by a big right hook. Bisping again holds Chael against the fence and works his body with some left hooks. Both fighters exchange punches shortly neither landing, the round ends.

Round 2: Bisping lands a straight left, Sonnen reaches forward for the clinch. Once again Bisping spins around and puts Sonnen’s back against the cage. Sonnen Holding the back of Bisping’s head. Bisping holding the arm of Sonnen and quickly throws strong right hands to the head. Sonnen shoots for a double leg and gets it, Bisping is on his back with an open guard against the fence. Sonnen now feeling at home, looking to ground and pound to re-gain the momentum of the fight. Bisping keeping his legs on the hips of Sonnen to keep the distance and steal power from Sonnen’s punches. Both fighters stand and Bisping lands a nice right hand, Sonnen returns fire but doesn’t land, Bisping throws a knee and holds Sonnen against the cage. Bispings looks for an outside trip on the left but Sonnen keeps his posture, Bisping grabs for a single leg on the left leg of Sonnen but Sonnen avoids, Bisping now bullying Sonnen against the cage, Sonnen looking slightly tired while throwing arm punches. Bisping gets some distance and backs up throwing some knees. The round ends and Sonnen walks away, meanwhile Bisping bends over to catch his breath.

Round 3: Left hand swing from Sonnen, Bisping avoids, but Sonnen charges forward like a bull to grab the power double leg takedown, Bisping lands on his back against the cage and tries to keep the distance with his butterfly guard. Bisping using his left arm to hold down the head of Sonnen, Bisping momentarily controlling the right arm of Sonnen, Bisping stands and Sonnen takes his back. Bisping bases out and tries to defend the hooks, Sonnen flips him over and gets double leg hooks and is looking to sink the choke, Bisping holding onto the right arm of Sonnen to defend. Sonnen Gets full mount, nearly landing in a head triangle. Bisping trying to keep Sonnen’s posture down to prevent the power shots. Bisping manages to hip escape and get half-guard. Sonnens once again looking for the head triangle. Sonnen begins to work the ground and pound while Bisping re-gains full guard and starts to stand. Sonnen holding onto a body lock and trying to prevent or get the back of Bisping. Bisping stands up and puts Sonnen against the fence. Bisping changes levels and gets the takedown, landing a couple final elbows and the fight is over.

Judges Scorecard:
30-27 29-28 29-28
Winner by Unanimous Decision: Chael Sonnen

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