UFC on FOX 2: Demian Maia vs. Chris Weidman

UFC Middleweight Bout:

Demian Maia a 4th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fights Chris Weidman (undefeated in his professional mma career) the former collegiate wrestler and two-time all american NJCAA wrestler.

(Maia 15-3 Weidman 7-0)

Round 1: Maia the southpaw reaches with his right hand to find some distance, both fighters throw hooks to gauge the distance, neither lands, Weidman pushes forward and Maia trips and rolls away and back to his feet. Weidman throws a head kick and Maia blocks, Maia lands a knee to the body, Maia circling away from Weidman’s power, and re-engages him in the center of the cage, Weidman lands a right hand and Maia lands a knee as he moves away. Maia lands a left body kick, Weidman chases him back and Maia circles out and defends. Maia lands a quick left hook, Weidman brushes it off. Weidman goes for a body lock and Maia pushes him off, Weidman missing with a punch and lands against the fence while Maia is already far out of his way. Weidman throws and lands a right body kick. Maia immediately swings back, Weidman catches Maia’s leg kick and fires back with his own. Weidman pushes forward with a left hook and takes Maia down, Maia immediately able to stand up, Maia throws a punch and slips, Weidman looks to attack while he’s down but Maia able to quickly stand and fire back to move away. End of round

Round 2: Maia throws the distancing left hook, Weidman pushes forward and gets a body lock takedown, landing in side control, Maia able to get the under hook and stand. They stand in the center of the cage, looping double left hook from Maia, followed by a body kick, Weidman quickly returns with a hard right leg kick. Maia throws a right hook and it doesn’t seem to phase Weidman, Weidman still pushing forward. Straight left lands from Maia, Weidman returns with a right hand. Maia circling away, while Weidman throws to his body with a hard right hand. Weidman gets the clinch and both fighters fire off knees that don’t appear to land half-heartedly. The pace appears to have slowed slightly for a moment, Weidman throwing kicks left and right, followed by a head kick. Maia misses a hook that Weidman ducks under and reaches for a double leg against the fence. Maia circles out and lands a kick and a knee. Back to the center of the cage and Weidman avoids and catches a leg kick then gets another body lock takedown. Weidman looking for a guillotine as the round ends.

Round 3: Weidman using his leg to threaten some distance, Maia steps in, Weidman quickly grabs the body lock, Maia pushes off and lands a knee, Weidman returns fire with a right body kick, then pushes forward with a boxing combo followed by a double leg takedown, landing on top of Maia, Maia now up against the fence and trying to control Weidman’s posture. Maia holds on with double under-hooks and uses them to stand. Weidman lands a left hook. Slow takedown attempt by Maia and Weidman grabs on to a momentary guillotine. Maia again goes for the takedown and Weidman sprawls and nearly takes his back. Maia quickly snaps his head around and avoids, both fighters looking tired as the crowd boos the slowed down pace. Slugging away here in the final 2 minutes of the fight. Weidman grabs a collar tie and Maia punishes him with some body shots. They split and Weidman lands to nice knees, pure kickboxing happening now as both fighters begin to gas. Fifty seconds left in the round. Both fighters throwing loose combos with the hands. Weidman lands two swift right hands, a knee and a head kick with just ten seconds left. The round ends.

Judges Scorecard:
29-28 28-29 29-28

Winner by Split Decision: Chris Weidman

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