UFC on FOX 2: Evan Dunham vs. Nik Lentz

UFC Lightweight Bout

Dunham a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with dangerous stand up is set to fight “The Carny” Nik Lents  a former NCAA Division 1 wrestler, who also possesses a solid submission game.

(Lentz: 23-4-2 vs. Dunham: 12-2 )

Round 1: Immediately begin feeling out the stand up. Lentz moves forward and catches a punch, Dunham shoots and is sprawled on by Lentz, Lentz looks for the choke but Dunham moves steps out and stands. Lentz throwing lots of combinations up against the fence, lands a kick and takes Dunham down, Dunham using his jiu jitsu stands out, but lands his head in the left armpit of Lentz, Dunham postures up and Lentz immediately throws a knee. Dunham throws some punch after pushing off Lentz, Lentz lands a solid kick to the body. The fight turns to a brawl momentarily and both fighters throw punches neither landing a power punch though. Lentz grabs the clinch and lands a nice elbow, Dunham throws a right and takes Lentz down with a double leg. Lentz from his back reaches for his left foot and lands some elbows to soften Dunham up for a possible submission Dunham stands up and throws a big right hand as the round ends.

Round 2: Dunham pushes Lentz against the fence after a quick punch/kick combo. Dunham avoids the guillotine attempt and circles out of Lentz’s guard. Lentz quickly re-gains his guard, Dunham stands and tries to take Lentz’s back, but Lentz returns his back quickly to the canvas to defend, both fighters stand and circle out, Lentz throwing heavy handed combos while Dunham looking slightly more fatigued. They clinch and Dunham goes for the guillotine, both fighters push off and exchange heavy hands, both landing, Dunham smiles and shoots for the takedown, Lentz from up against the fence maintains his guard. Dunham stands out and throws some bombs straight down, Dunham searching for the choke but Lentz pushes off the fence and gets the angle to defend, Dunham working the ground n’ pound. Lentz now bleeding from his left eye. Dunham pushes Lentz’s head against the fence and throws some quick right hands, Both fighters stand and Dunham attacks with a viscious combination, Lentz returns fire and pushes Dunham against the fence. The round ends.

(Doctors immediately investigate Nik Lentz left eye, after inspection the fight is stopped.)

Winner By TKO (cut under the eye)
Evan Dunham

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