UFC on FOX 2: Mike Russow vs John-Olav Einemo

UFC Heavyweight Bout:

Mike Russow an Illinois native and former NCAA Division 1 wrestler takes on John-Olav Einemo a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu(The only fighter to defeat Roger Gracie @ADCC). fighting out of Allistair Overeem’s former camp, Golden Glory.

Mike Russow coming off of a 10 fight win streak while Einemo looks to better his name after a tough second round loss to Dave Herman in the 2nd round at UFC 131.

Mike Russow (14-1-1) vs. John-Olav Einemo “The Viking”(6-2)

Play-by-Play (3 round fight.)

Round 1: Both fighters meet in the center of the octagon quickly. Russow changes levels and pushes Einemo up against the fence, Russow gets the takedown. Einemo scrambles to his feet, both fighters hold on in the clinch, einemo pushes off, Russow circles out, throws some punches, then quickly re-engages the clinch. Both fighters exchanging, Einemo gets the better of the short exchange, and Russow again looks for the clinch to defend. Einemo returns to the center of the cage and throws some knees. Einemo pushes off and looks to counter Russow’s stand up attack, Russow pushes forward and gets Einemo down again, Einemo hips out and goes to his back, manages to get full gaurd, Einemo gains wrist-control to control Russows hands.Russow decides to stand once again. Einemo stays on his back and Russow re-engages for some ground n’ pound. Einemo’s jiu jitsu isn’t letting up as he continually stays safe. Einemo sweeps Russow and gets full mount as the round comes to an end.

Round 2: They meet in the center and begin to test the waters once again, with short distancing jabs. Mike Russow gets the takedown and Einemo defends his hands and lands on his back with a “guard” defense. Full guard now for Einemo, and he switches back to open guard, and appears to be searching for a kimura, Russow meanwhile scoring with the ground n’ pound. Russow stands up and disengages momentarily, Einemo patiently stays on his back and Russow decides to attack again. Russow leaning in and landing good punches from the top. Einemo searching for the submission, but Russow continues to avoid for now. (Referee Herb Dean calling for them to “Work!”) …Herb stands them up, Einemo looking tired. Russow avoids the right hand of Einemo and scores another takedown. Russow lands in Einemos guard and the round comes to an end.

Round 3: Einemo throw the first combo, a one-two punch and Russow ducks under. Russow goes for the clinch, Einemo pushes off and lands a one-two and throws a nice left knee to the body, Russow goes for the takedown and catches a nice knee to the head thrown by Einemo. Einemo goes for a submission, Russow stands. Russow re-engages Einemo on the ground, kicks to Einemo’s legs then lands on top. Einemo almost catches the back of Russow, Russow scrambles out and Einemo miss the opportunity to finish. Einemo looking tired again. Russow trying to pound out the victory with heavy hands landing from above. Russow holds down Einemo and ref Herb Dean stands them up again. Einemo stands and clinches, looking to land some nice knees, Russow catches one and sends Einemo to his back again with an easy takedown. Russow struggle to pass the guard of Einemo with no success, Russow stands up again, Einemo gased stays on his back. Einemo looking for a triangle in the final moments of the round. Russow stands out of it and finishes the round on his feet.

Judges Scorecards:
29-28 29-28 30-27

Winner by Unanimous Decision: Mike Russow

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