Diaz vs. Condit II?

At UFC 143, Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit fought for the UFC Interim Welterweight Title. Condit won the belt with a brilliant strategy that took Diaz totally out of his gameplan, and Condit played him like a fiddle. Keeping his distance the entire match with leg kicks and speedy dancing around the octagon, Condit executed his plan flawlessly; Diaz could never even get close to him. The frustration was so much for Diaz, that he claimed he was going to retire. Dana White isn’t so sure of that.

Condit is due to fight Georges St. Pierre in November, when GSP believes his knee rehab will be finished. That’s a long time. White is letting Condit decide whether he wants to defend his title in the mean time. “People are bitching, and people think that was close,” White said after the fight, “… we can do that (Diaz v. Condit) fight again before GSP comes back.” Indeed, some people are bitching about the elusive strategy that beat Diaz, but the fact remains that he scored with those kicks, he was effective with his gameplan, and Diaz had no answer for it.

I think a Diaz Condit rematch would be awesome! Imagine the gameplan Diaz would cook up now that he knows what Condit has in store for him. But how could that fight happen? If I were Condit, I might take the year to prepare for GSP instead of risking it. Then of course, Diaz claims he’s done — would he even want to fight Condit again? Then I think, ‘of course he would want to redeem himself… avenge his loss.’ White added his thoughts, “It depends on Carlos, too. Carlos has got to say — and Nick’s got to say, ‘I want to fight him again,’ too.” We may not know the decision for weeks, or maybe even months, but for now Carlos Condit is basking in the glory of the welterweight championship.

Source: MMAJunkie

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