First Exclusive Alistair Overeem Radio Interview Transcript – February 13, 2012 Joining us on the Fight Corner is number one UFC heavyweight contender, Alistair Overeem-fresh off his win with Brock Lesnar recently back in December.  There’s a fight coming up with Junior Dos Santos this May.  Alistair we want to welcome you to the show. How are you doing today?

Alistair Overeem: I’m good, just recently starting to train again and training is going well. I just made a connection to Miami to sign with Authentic Sports Management. What does Authentic Sports Management have to offer that the other agencies do not? 

Alistair Overeem: Basically, America is the main market. MMA is booming over there, UFC is doing a great job at promoting the sport.  The focus is America and you’ve got to be there, you got to be on the ground, and you’ve got to do the promotion-the PR, you’ve got to show your face.  The fights are all there and that means you’ve got to expand.  I recognized this some time ago and after the Brock fight I toured the states-LA and Vegas.  I met with a lot of people, managers, visited a lot of gyms.  I came into a long, healthy, positive discussion with Glenn Robinson of ASM Management.  They already signed a several other fighters of which I knew a couple.  Based on their references also, I had a good conversation which led to me signing with ASM Management. You’ve decided to join the Florida team known as the “Blackzillians”.  What led you to this choice and what do you think it will do for your fight game? 

Alistair Overeem: I already have a personal management team, but of course they are based in Holland and in the states.  I could use a little bit more professionalism in that field so I was looking for partners who knew what they were doing and who could help me advance my brand in the states.  ASM Management has everything I need to expand, this goes from sparring partners, trainers, training facilities, legal advice, business advice. Everything-you name it, they got.  I like the way they handle things. Is this going to be a permanent move or a temporary move? Will you be moving and living in Florida full-time? 

Alistair Overeem: I travel around a lot.  I do television appearances in Japan, I’ve got a base in Dubai.  Of course, I’m still based out of Holland, but America is the future and I’m committed to the states so I’m guessing this is going to be a permanent move-I’ll be based out of America, but I’ll still be flying around doing all the PR and travel. What camps did you visit before you made your final decision? 

Alistair Overeem: I’ve been to American Top Team-Miami, Team Takedown. I’ve been to several gyms in Vegas and all the gyms in LA.  I had a very nice connection to Reign MMA in LA.  I’ve been to San Diego.  So basically the southern parts of the states.  I don’t like snow so it had to be in the south states.   I think I got a good find in Miami. Are your legal woes affect your training or mental for world championship fight like you have coming up? 

Alistair Overeem: No, not at all.  Everything is under control, we’re on top of everything.  I get my weekly email of what’s going on and that allows me to focus on training. What’s your game plan going into the fight with Junior Dos Santos? 

Alistair Overeem: The game plan is good to go, I already know how to beat him.  It’s just a matter of training and getting my body and mind in the 100% condition that it needs to be in and it’s going to turn out perfectly-just fine. What holes in his game will you try to expose? 

Alistair Overeem: Every fight style has holes-Dos Santos has them too.  I don’t want to give away the surprise, but you’re going to see it. What part of your game are you looking to improve on the most? 

Alistair Overeem: I’ll be improving every facet of the game.  My striking is top notch, but I’ll be improving that as we go, wrestling, Brazilian jujitsu, and sparring.  I expect to be growing in every aspect of the game. What are your thoughts on Junior Dos Santos as a fighter? 

Alistair Overeem: I believe he’s a great fighter.  I believe he’s got great hands-great boxing.  He’s a clever fighter and has a great team around him.  I see the Brazilian’s as gifted, clever, dedicated, hardworking people who a lot of time come with a surprise-so don’t underestimate the Brazilian’s. In your fight with Brock, did you thin he would bring a little bit more into the fight? 

Alistair Overeem: I know the impact of my knees.  I think he took five direct impacts and then a liver kick.  I know that one accurately placed knee is a knock out so that’s a lot of good shots.  It’s so easy to say after the fight if somebody’s performance was disappointing.  I think certain fans do that, but I think fighters realize all the hard work and preparation that went into it.  I think Brock was 100%, he did cut me on the eye with a hard jab.  I think it’s a little bit short-minded to say he wasn’t there to fight. If you beat Dos Santos in May, who would your rather face Cain Velasquez or Frank Mir? 

Alistair Overeem: I don’t have a preference.  I’ll fight anybody they put in front of me.  I’m a fighter, I want to fight a lot.  That being said, I’m also ready to beat anybody. Is there anything you’d like to say to the UFC fans-here in Vegas and in the United States?

Alistair Overeem: Stay tuned, there’s more to come.  Thank you for your support.  I had a great welcome in the UFC, the fans were just great to me and I love you guys. We want to wish you all the best in your fight coming up in May against Junior Dos Santos.