UFC 144 Live on Facebook: Zhang vs. Tamura Recap

Live on Facebook: Featherweights: Tiequan ‘The Wolf’ Zhang (18-2) vs. Issei Tamura (6-2)

Both of these fighters suffered their only two career losses within their last three fights. Zhang is a submission master, submitting twelve of the fifteen opponents he’s beaten and leaving only two fights in the hands of the judges — losing both of them. Issei Tamura is a Shooto veteran making his UFC debut tonight; all of his wins came by decision, except one. While Zhang holds the decisive edge in experience, Issei’s heart and ability to take on top-ranked Shooto opponents earned him this opportunity. Let’s start the night’s action…

Round 1: The fighters come out sizing each other up, then Tamura attacks with a pair of wild hooks. Zhang responds with one of his own, but Tamura comes back at him with a big hook that connects, sending Zhang to the canvas. In Zhang’s full guard, Tamura hammers on Zhang’s head until he gets into Zhang’s half guard. Tamura hammer fists Zhang’s head, pressing him up against the fence. Zhang seems helpless from bottom position, but the ref surprisingly stands them up for lack of action. Tamura shoots in for a double leg and lands his head in Zhang’s weak guillotine. Zhang is working to tork Tamura’s head, but Tamura is already comfortably slugging Zhang’s gut. Tamura finds himself in Zhang’s full guard trying to sit up and looking for better punching aim. Zhang unsuccessfully tries an arm triangle, and Tamura hammers Zhang’s head a few more times. The horn blows. The round belongs to Tamura.

Round 2: Zhang opens with a couple inside leg kicks. Out of nowhere, Tamura throws a BIG right hook, that lands squarely on Zhang’s jaw. Zhang is out. The fight is over.

Winner: Issei Tamura (KO; :32 into Round 2)

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