UFC 144 Live on Pay-Per-View: Hunt vs. Kongo Recap

Live on Pay-Per-View: Heavyweights: Mark ‘Super Samoan’ Hunt (7-7) vs. Cheick Kongo (27-6-2)

The only heavyweight bout of the night features two exciting, heavy-handed strikers that love to go toe to toe. While Kongo is more experienced with a better record, Hunt has faced equally strong fighters. Kongo has a significant edge in the ground game, so if he can’t phase the solid chin of Hunt, look for this one to go to the ground while Kongo takes advantage of Hunt’s weak ground game. Both 37 year old fighters are hunting for their third consecutive win. Here’s the call…

Round 1: Hunt opens with a big leg kick and slips. Kongo fails to capitalize, but pushes Hunt into the cage before they square back up. They exchange leg kicks, but Hunt’s are much stronger. Kongo comes in and Hunt punishes him with a swift right hook. Kongo looks dazed after another right hook. Hunt quickly moves in and pins Kongo against the cage with four solid blows to the head. Kongo’s legs give out, as Hunt stands over him to finish it. Before Kongo takes another of Hunt’s heavy blows, the ref stops it at 2:11 of the 1st round. Hunt’s power is seriously impressive.

Winner: Hunt (TKO, Punches; 2:11 of the 1st Round)

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