Bob Sapp Leg Injury Report

This past weekend Bob Sapp went down in anguish; pain so unbearable he tapped immediately. The moment was so random when people saw it since it didn’t look like any bones were broken or any ligaments could have been torn. The crazy thing was is that you couldn’t have faked an injury like that because his face really showed the whole picture.

Bob’s opponent, James Thompson, took him down with a simple double leg take down after a battle of scrambling back in fourth on the ground. As soon as he was falling backward he began to fill pain and started to tap out. Thompson, not even realizing the problem, fought on for half a second until Herb Dean stepped in and stopped the fight. You can see that the first thing Bob Sapp touches is his thigh.

My opinion of what happened is he got a serious leg cramp. His leg was not warm and when he was put into side control in the first round he had his left leg sprung up trying to prevent the mount. Just that continuous motion of keeping your leg up like that when its not warmed up can be a very difficult task for any fighter. When he gets out of the side control, it’s Thompson who is in side control and Bob Sapp in a ground and pound position where he was sitting on his own bottom legs using his thighs to propel him up and down to provide extra force to his opponent James Thompson.

The explosion force from using his thighs to propel him up and down to give him the extra force to try and knock out Thompson proved to be too much for him because his thighs gave out and he got a serious cramp. Bob Sapp touches his left thigh and it’s his left thigh doing all the work in the first minute and thirty seconds when he was in side control, and also when he did some beautiful ground and pound himself.

credits:(fight) To Watch the SFL 1 fight Click Here

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