MMA Fighter on the Rise: Jake “Rorshach” Swinney has “Unlimited Potential”

Jake “Rorshach” Swinney (4-2, amateur) is on the hunt to win his first belt and willl face Jake Malili (3-0, amateur) for Tuff-N-Uff’s vacant 155 title in Tuff-N-Uff’s “Fist-ival”, on April 7th at 7pm, in Las Vegas at the South Point Arena.  The Xtreme Couture amateur fighter couldn’t be more ecstatic for the opportunity and plans to let nothing, and no one, stand in his way. “I’m pretty excited. I’ve been working towards this, so I’m excited that it’s finally happening for me.”

Swinney was dubbed with the nickname “Rorshach” (which is based on a mercurial character in the Watchmen comic books) when he had just started training with Xtreme Couture and was “going off” on everybody all the time.  Eventually he hopes to go pro, but Swinney hasn’t figured out the exact path to main stage yet.  “I figure that I’ll secure this title and defend it a couple times.  I don’t just want to get the title and move on.  I want to be a real champion and defend it and what now…maybe I defend it a few times, and maybe go pro then,” he explained.

While Swinney describes his strength as grappling, he’s aiming to improve his wrestling skills. In Las Vegas, there’s probably no place better than Xtreme Couture’s MMA to get a wrestling education.   As key as wrestling is to the MMA game, Swinney appreciates what the discipline instills in his game, “I feel a giant payoff in wrestling.  I feel a giant pay off in taking someone down. I feel like if I can chain my wrestling moves together, I can set up more takedowns…it’s pretty rewarding.”

There’s no doubt that Swinney is thankful for having Xtreme Couture teammates that are supportive of him as he embarks on a new opportunity in his career.  “With Jimmy Jones he’s making it places in SEC.  And Ryan Couture’s in Strikeforce now.  I’ve got unlimited potential.  Everything’s happening for me.  I’m going places in life.  That’s just how it is.”

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