NSAC Holds Surprise Drug Testing After UFC 146 Press Conference

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It was verified that the following six fighters that were tested following the UFC 146 press conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday: Alistair Overeem, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, Cain Velasquez, Frank Mir, Junior Dos Santos, and Roy Nelson. This would mark the first time in the history for the UFC that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has held a random drug test following a press conference and 8 weeks in advance of the scheduled fights.

The initial news came from Ron Kruck of Inside MMA who tweeted:

MMA Fighting confirmed the tweet and spoke with NSAC director, Keith Kizer today confirming who was tested: Click to Read MMAFighting.com’s article here.  According to MMA Fighting’s conversation with Kizer, the NSAC could not confirm when the results will be released, and said they may not be available to the public until after the fights take place on May 30, 2012 at UFC 146.

Of the fighters who were tested, only two have had issues with drug testing in the past.

Alistair Overeem ran into complications with the NSAC for taking almost a week to submit a sample for testing prior to UFC 141 and was granted a conditional license to fight Brock Lesnar on Dec 30th, 2011. If he passes this test, Overeem would only have to take and pass one more random drug test before the end of June 2012 to satisfy the requirements of his conditional license.

Bigfoot Silva tested positive for an anabolic steroid known as Boldenone in 2008, shortly after he became the Elite XC Heavyweight Champion. Boldenone is a steroid developed for veterinary use, mostly to treat horses.  According to a release from CagePotato.com, Silva’s manager, Alex Davis, said Boldenone was present in Silva’s system as a result of him taking Novadex, a testosterone-booster that Silva uses to counteract the low testosterone levels caused by his acromegaly.  The failed test cost Bigfoot $2,500 in fines and he was suspended for a year by the California State Athletic Commission.

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