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Millions of American voters protested against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and the Senate’s companion bill, PIPA (Protect IP Act), over claims that the acts would kill innovation and set up a system that could prosecute nearly everyone on the internet. The bill may or may not have decreased innovation, but the protestors are right in that the defeated bill would have put a keen eye on anyone and everyone who uploads or downloads information on the internet. Laws have been put in place to stop companies like Napster and its users from pirating music, but nobody has figured out a way to prevent the piracy from happening; that’s what SOPA and PIPA were supposed to do. Now that the voters have spoken and defeated the bill, Dana White continues to be a leading proponent of anti-piracy legislation.

“There’s this whole generation out there that grew up getting free [expletive] on the Internet, so they think everything on the Internet should be free,” White said, “That ain’t how it [expletive] works. The music industry was single-handedly destroyed by the Internet. They’ll tell you that. It’s a fact.” Dana White has a legitimate fear if his business model were to mimic the music industry, however it’s more of an apples and oranges comparison.

The UFC generally earns much of its money from pay-per-view services and is now looking into subscription services like the DirectTV’s ‘NFL Ticket.’ Many organizations pirate the live pay-per-view events and stream them live for free. When this happens, White believes the UFC loses revenues, although some argue that people that get it for free wouldn’t pay for it anyway. It’s not just the UFC that has this problem; nearly every sport from the NFL to regional rugby tournaments are usually provided with the same free service that pirates live UFC events. While most of these leagues and sports organizations object to the pirating of their content, none have been as vocal as Dana White.

White has no sympathy for the casual internet user that finds his or her way to a service that provides them a free stream of a live UFC fight. “I respond to people every day on Twitter, like, ‘[Expletive] you, you criminal. Yeah, we’re coming after you,'” White said. “Oh, boo hoo. ‘You’re coming after the fans.’ Yeah, you’re [expletive] stealing.”

After the UFC 146 press conference, White lashed out at those that say he is wasting his time, “The bottom line is the same [expletive] guys that are saying, ‘Why would you sue the fans?’ are the same guys that are going, ‘You should pay the fighters more… How the [expletive] do you think this thing works? You think the Fertittas just pull all of the money out of their [expletive] bank and pay everybody? No, this is a real business.”

While White’s frustration comes to a boil, he continues to work on securing deals that will increase the bottom line for Zuffa. The Dish Network just supplied a package deal that supplied six fights for the price of five and White is working on an NFL Ticket type of plan with DirectTV. “I’d love to do a deal where we set it up, and people can buy the package like the NFL,” White said, “We’ve got to get this deal done. It’s not like we just go, ‘Hey, guess what DirecTV? We have a great idea.’”

NFL? Music industry? Two entirely different business plans. Nonetheless, White will continue to push for the prosecution of online piraters, insisting, “If you steal our [expletive], we’re going to get you. We might not get you now or next month, but eventually we will, and we’re spending a lot of money toward busting people who steal.”


Source: mmajunkie.com

  • Seriously, white is an idiot when it comes to this. Middle class music industry would suffer, if not be all but obliterated, from the effects of these acts. Music is at a great place right now, White is just ignorant. As was the politician who authored PIPA and SOPA. On the topic of “piracy” White sounds stupider and more devilish than Rick Santorum, a feat that’s difficult to accomplish IMM.

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