UFC 145 Fight Recap: Brown vs. Thompson

[singlepic id=551 w=320 h=240 float=left]Matt “The Immortal” Brown (15-11) vs. Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson (6-0)


Round 1: Thompson comes out with a solid front leg side kick and threatens with it as Brown stalks him. He throws it again and Brown catches it. Brown backs him into the fence, leg in hand. They struggle for position and Brown finds a way to take Thompson down. Brown gets into Thompson’s full guard but can’t produce. He stands over him and looks for an opening, but Thompson finds his way to his feet. Brown immediately backs him into the cage and finds his way to Thompson’s back. He takes Thompson down briefly but he stands back up with Brown holding onto a body lock from behind. He swings Thompson back to the ground and works his way around to what appears to be some sort of heel hook. It looks like Brown may have something here, but Thompson’s foot slips out of it and he finds himself on top of Brown to end the round.

Reiter Score: Brown, 10-9

Round 2: Thompson opens with a spinning back kick that whiffs. Brown is working on his distance and timing with high kicks and hooks that miss. As he misses, Brown finds Thompson’s leg and backs him into the cage with it. They separate for a moment before Brown shoots for the legs again and takes him down — terrible defense by Thompson. Thompson works his way back to his feet and delivers a series of devastating kicks. It looks like Brown is wobbly. Thompson continues to land combinations and impressive leg kicks. 2:00 left and Thompson is starting to tee off with solid combinations. Both fighters are looking gassed. They look like a couple heavyweights that are standing toe to toe, slugging it out. Both fighters are staggering. Brown lands a beautiful hook that puts Thompson down. Brown moves to capitalize. Brown secures position to land heavy elbows that open up Thompson’s face. More devastating elbows rain down on Thompson. Brown stacks him up and moves to side control as the round comes to an end and Brown has full control. He lands a few more heavy fists and elbows and the horn blows.

Reiter Score: Brown, 10-9

Round 3: Thompson opens with another high kick. Thompson is landing some solid jab combinations and leg kicks as he moves around the octagon. Both fighters look winded and there is less power in their blows. Thompson lands another wicked combination of jabs and hurts Brown — Brown turns and stumbles away. Brown looks for a way to close distance and stop the barrage. Thompson tries to capitalize on Brown’s weakness, but Brown pushes him into the cage and easily trips a woozy Thompson to the canvas. Brown stacks him up and works into side control. Brown looks to improve position from side control and gets Thompson in a crucifix. This doesn’t look good for Thompson. Brown maneuvers the crucifix into a mounted triangle and delivers about 30-40 solid blows to Thompson’s head. Thompson is stuck in that mounted triangle and has no way out with only one arm to defend against a series of solid face punches. It’s useless. The horn blows to save Thompson from the TKO.

Reiter Score: Brown, 10-9

Official Decision: Brown (Unanimous Decision: 30-27, 29-27, 30-27)

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