UFC 145 Fight Recap: MacDonald vs. Mills

Rory “Ares” MacDonald (12-1) vs. Che “Beautiful” Mills (14-4, 1NC)


Round 1: Mills starts with a leg kick and a couple jabs that miss. Mills lands a couple solid kicks that catches MacDonald’s attention. MacDonald is lazy with a combination attempt and gets backed into the fence. They separate and MacDonald ducks a hook to take Mills down. MacDonald struggles to finally find a good position to hammer on Mills’ head. He stands over him and showers Mills with heavy blows. Mills squirms away and MacDonald finds his way to side control. MacDonald effectively works his way to locking in a crucifix. MacDonald pelts Mills’ head with solid blows, and Mills has no defense — his arm is stuck in the crucifix. Mills works his arm loose and works to close distance, but MacDonald secures the full mount and pounds him to a bloody pulp. Mills turns and gives up his back; MacDonald gladly takes it and wraps his legs around him for a body lock. He swings his fists around and every one of them connects with Mills‘ face. He’s looking for the choke, but the horn blows.

Reiter Score: MacDonald, 10-9

Round 2: They stalk each other around the octagon and MacDonald easily takes Mills down as if he didn’t know it was coming. Mills looks spent. It looks like there’s a golf ball under his eye from all of the face pounding. MacDonald works his way to Mills’ back and sinks his legs in deep. MacDonald punches the side of his head until he flattens him out. MacDonald begins raining down 10-20 solid blows to the side of Mills’ head from behind. The crowd is on its feet as Mills has no defense and one could practically hear the impact of the bombs in the nosebleeds. The ref steps in and calls it at 2:20 of the 2nd round.

Official Decision: MacDonald (TKO, Punches: 2:20 of the 2nd Round)

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