UFC 145 Fight Recap: Schaub vs. Rothwell

Brendan “The Hybrid” Schaub (9-2) vs. Ben Rothwell (31-8)


Round 1: Schaub’s feet are fast and Rothwell is moving smoothly. The heavyweights stalk each other around the octagon and into the cage. Rothwell locks in a Muay Thai clinch. Schaub works out of it and stuns Rothwell with a hook. Schaub moves in to finish him off with a series of straight combinations to his head. Rothwell returns a single left hook as a defense and Schaub collapses. Rothwell inflicts a couple blows before the ref jumps in to stop the damage. Rothwell knocks him out.

Official Decision: Rothwell (TKO, Punches) at 1:10 in Round One

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