Jay Hieron to Fight with Legacy Fighting Championships in July

[singlepic id=186 w=320 h=240 float=left]Top welterweight competitor Jay Hieron stopped by the MMA Fight Corner and updated us on his new fight contract with Legacy Fighting Championships.  The Xtreme Couture fighter, known as the “Thoroughbred Horse,” has a 22-5 record and won Bellator’s welterweight tournament in season 4.

Hieron decided prior to Bellator season 6 to part ways with the organization, but admits there is no ill will between them. “They got a great thing going on. I respect their fighters. They got a lot of great talent. But, it was just my time to go.”

So now, the last man to ever win the IFL’s Welterweight Championship, has moved onto Legacy and announced to the MMA Fight Corner that he will fight in July.  “We figured out a way to where I can move on…I got a fight with Legacy in July and I’m trying to make my way back to the top.”  Hieron also disclosed that he doesn’t know yet who his opponent will be.

The signing gives Hieron the ability to compete again which is really what drives him. “At the end of the day I’m happy. I’m refocused right now, I’m recharged I got something to look forward to. The hardest part about this business is trying to stay focused trying to stay motivated without a fight.”

Now that he’s able to line his pockets again with a little dough and compete, Hieron said he’s feeling like everything is falling into place for him. “I’m tired of all the drama and going down the paths where it’s really not the way I wanna go, and now I’m headed in the right direction.”

For the time being, Hieron is locked up in his new contract with Legacy, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not entertaining the idea of returning to the UFC at some point.   He explained, “We had a good conversation with Joe Silva and everything’s positive, but again I gotta eat, so I signed with Legacy. They definitely met the terms. It’s a great deal between both of us and it’ll happen…if it’s gonna happen, it’ll happen.”

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