Dana White says the UFC will Stop Holding Fights in CA if Bill Passes

Dana White has made it clear.  If the California State Athletic Commission’s bill, AB 2100 passes, the UFC will cease to hold events in California.

The bill states (courtesy of http://www.fightopinion.com/):

Excerpt of Intent: It is the intention of the Legislature in enacting these provisions to protect Mixed Martial Arts fighters from being subjected to exploitative, oppressive, or coercive contractual practices that violate the athletes’ freedom to work and their ability to support themselves and their families as professional athletes. Therefore it is necessary and appropriate to establish standards to protect the rights and welfare of mixed martial arts fighters licensed under this chapter.

The bill continues to add verbiage that allows the commission to suspend fighters for conduct that they find inappropriate that includes, but is not limited to: felonies, ethnic or religious slurs, hate speech and obscene language.

The bill continues to state that violations of the Code of Conduct under the new bill would include:

(1) Assigning any exclusive future merchandising rights to a promoter for an unreasonable period beyond the term of the promotional contract.

(2) Automatically renews a promotional contract or extends the term without good faith negotiation, or extends the term of any promotional contract of a fighter who participates in a championship contest for a period greater than 12 months beyond the existing contract termination period.

(3) Unreasonably restricts a mixed martial arts fighter from obtaining outside sponsorship from a firm, product or individual.

(4) Requires a mixed martial arts fighter to relinquish all legal claims that the fighter has, or may acquire in the future, against the promoter beyond assumption of the risks Inherent in the sport ofmixed martial arts and the Fighter participation in Pre and Post Bout events and activities.

(5) Requires a fighter to grant or waive any additional rights not contained in the promotional contract as a condition precedent to the fighter’s participation in any Contest.

In response to news of the bill, Dana White told the Orange County register a couple days ago:

“Do you know what’s going on in Sacramento, right now?” White said. “They are trying to pass this bill to raise our taxes and do a bunch of crazy (expletive) to us. They voted 4-2 for the bill. There were a couple of people not present to vote on it. If that thing passes we won’t do anymore fights in California. All kinds of crazy (expletive) they’re trying to throw in this bill for MMA. You know who’s doing it? The Culinary Union from Las Vegas. These guys have been (expletive) with us in New York, too. That’s why we’re not in New York. These guys got a bunch of lobbyists together to try to pass this bill against MMA. They are putting pressure on my partners, the Fertitta brothers, because they own the fourth-largest gaming company in the country and they are non-union.”

Fighters Ronda Rousey, Matt Hughes, Chuck Liddell and Cung Le have all gone to the state’s capital to protest the bill.

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