New York MMA Bill Won’t Pass This Year

According to the Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Sheldon Silver, a conference was held to determine whether or not to bring the MMA Legalization bill to the assembly floor to be voted on, and just like last year, the bill will not make it to the assembly floor for a vote.

The New York Daily News stated that Silver said, “It will not come to the floor this year.” However, the bill could potentially pass in the upcoming years.  He claimed the reason was that the bill lacked enough support from the assembly to be brought to the floor in the preliminary conference’s informal voting.

Silver reasoned that the bill did not have enough support to make it to the State Assembly floor for a vote, though the bill had passed in the Senate 43-14 in favor of lifting the ban. Just like last year, the bill passed at the Senate level, but can’t seem to make it to the assembly floor for a vote.

Proponents of the bill such as Queens Assemblywoman, Aravella Simotas, and Manhattan Assemblyman, Micah Kellner, expressed their disappointment that the bill did not even make it to the floor for an official vote. “This is legal in [most] states, it’s highly regulated and it generates economic activities for small business and creates much needed revenue for the state,” Kellner told the NY Daily News.

Simotas added, “Mixed martial arts is an art form,” she said. “I don’t believe there is inherent violence in it.”

The NY Daily News article also states that “a source” revealed to them that an informal vote was taken to decide whether or not to bring the bill to the Assembly floor.  According to that source, 25 people raised their hand against the bill and 60 raised their hands in favor of the bill.

This will come as disappointing news to Zuffa, LLC who sued the state of New York last year, claiming MMA is a sport for public entertainment and that the state had violated their 1st amendent right to freedom of expression with the MMA ban in place.

Dana White himself had told MMA Fight Corner in January that he “guaranteed” the MMA ban in New York would be lifted this year.  Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to next year to see if this can come to fruition.  Click here to read the transcript of Dana’s interview with MMA Fight Corner.

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