Nick Diaz Does It Again, No-Shows Jiu-Jitsu Superfight

Nick Diaz apparently has no plans to change his ways as was evidenced by his absence from the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo superfight last Saturday, May 12, 2012.

Braulio Estima was understandably upset about the no-show and voiced his opinions. reported on Sunday that Estima was very let down by the fact that Diaz no-showed the event. Estima stated, “For Nick, I gave up a lot of things to make this happen. I came here to fight. You said that you were going to gave this all to charity, make all these speeches and stuff. I’m here now. You let everyone down. You let me down. I think this is very disrespectful. I didn’t expect this from you.”

Diaz has shown similar behavior in the past, not showing up repeatedly for press events prior to UFC 137 last fall. His behavior at that time got him yanked from a title fight. Now, at the present time, Nick is already facing serious heat from the NSAC for his failed drug test and subsequent campaign against the athletic commission. This only adds to the fact that much of the public does not buy his excuses and has a difficult time understanding the man.

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