Phil Davis on Chad Griggs: “I Don’t Think He’ll Make 205 and Be Ripped Up.”

UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis (9-1, MMA) is looking to rebound from the first loss of his career and wants to make a statement doing it when he fights Chad Griggs at UFC on FOX 4 on August 4th.

Psyched to be on another FOX card, Davis said, “I feel real fortunate to make those FOX cards.  It gets a lot of viewership.  I’m just real happy about it. The UFC has been awesome as far as getting me great fights.”

Griggs made his UFC debut at heavyweight in Atlanta on UFC 145 and lost via submission to Travis Browne.  Following the loss, Griggs dropped to 205 and will face a tough welcome to the division from Davis.  “I really don’t think anybody at 205 is bigger or stronger than me,” Davis stated.  “I don’t think he’ll make 205 and be ripped up…But you know what, I take that back, Kyle Kingsbury is way bigger than I am at 205.”

Davis’ first loss was to Rashad Evans on the UFC on FOX 2 card.  Davis made sure to credit Rashad’s experience as the primary reason he had the upper hand on him in the fight.  But Davis said he’s learned from the loss and is improving from it.  “I just needed more time in the gym,” he said.  “[Rashad’s] polished, you know, in all the ways I’m not.  I just need to stay in the gym and work on my overall game.”

Davis was four-time All American Wrestler at Penn State and Daniel Cormier, who was on set with Phil Davis during his interview with MMA Fight Corner, credited Davis’ finely tuned skills. “Phil’s a good wrestler.  I always enjoy training with him.  Even in wrestling, he was one of the only kids that was still in college that I would actually wrestle with when I was on the Olympic team,” he said.

Now ready to take on Griggs and his famous mutton chops, Davis says he’s ready mentally and physically to take the main stage on the FOX card and handle business.  As of right now, Davis said he has no fear. “There’s no pressure.  Same job, different guy – go in there and beat somebody up.”

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