Forrest Griffin Would Like Another Shot Against Lil Nog

[singlepic id=70 w=320 h=240 float=left]In an exclusive interview with MMA Fight Corner following his open workout today at Drysdale’s Jiu Jitsu in Las Vegas, Forrest said he’s hyped to take on Tito Ortiz in his last stand at UFC 148 on July 7th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

With the first two fights of their’s ending in split decisions, Forrest said he’s all about the win.  However, he thinks finishing Tito would be nice. “Id’ like to [finish him], but he’ll probably want to finish me also.”

While Forrest expressed no interest in reaching the same pinnacle that Tito has in getting to the UFC Hall of Fame, he was all for Tito becoming the 9th member to be inducted. “He deserves it. I mean, you know, when I was a young buck, he was a guy that was on the top and he was the guy that I wanted to one day fight and beat.”  To date, he’s only accomplished that once at UFC 106.

Now heading into their 3rd fight,  Forrest isn’t looking past this fight in any way.  When asked who he’d want to fight next, all Griffin could say was “Tito.”  Even if critics might say that Ortiz has lost the skills that make him dynamic, Forrest thinks Tito still has a lot of fight left in him. “He always says he’s been working his hands, and I’m sure he has, but you know I’m looking for the forward pressure.  He comes out hard, fast and low and he looks to take you down and elbow you in the face when he’s still fresh.  You can’t let him get you when he’s fresh.”

With Forrest’s career winding down, he did indicate one fighter he wants to face in the Octagon. “Lil Nog’s a guy that I was supposed to fight and I backed out of that fight.  I’d always fight him again. I feel like I owe it to him, you know?”  Forrest had backed out of their scheduled fight for UFC 114 in May 2010 because of a shoulder injury.  He was replaced by Jason Brilz.

For those of you looking to see Griffin v Bonnar 3, Forrest said it is a possibility.  “Yes, we’ve actually talked about that,” he said.  “It’s not going to be a five rounder.  It’s going to be until one of knocks the other one out.  Like the old round 22…here we go.”

With two books to his name and having become a family man, Forrest will have many new ventures he could take on once he’s done fighting.  But, the always funny, self-depricating at times, quick-witted Forrest made certain to note that he isn’t hanging it up quite yet. “You gotta put all your eggs one basket for this kind of thing.  You look to the future, you forget about the present. Somebody smart said that, but they probably said it better…I don’t know.”


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