June 26, 2012 – Forrest Griffin Open Workout AUDIO

[singlepic id=71 w=320 h=240 float=left]Forrest Griffin talked with the media today in an open workout held at Drysdale’s gym in Las Vegas about his upcoming fight vs Tito Ortiz at UFC 148 on July 7th.  He thinks the rubber match with Tito is a great matchup for both of them. “I think the last two fights were really good. If you look at it, not to be insulting towards either one of us, but we’re kind of the easiest guys we’ve fought recently,” he said. “We both fought tougher guys, but I think the last fight is indicative of how this one is going to be.”

Forrest knows that there’s no way that Tito comes into this fight without giving it everything he has. “You know that he’s not gonna bring a sub-par performance.  It is his last fight, it’s me. I think he’ll be motivated for this one as am I.”

With Tito going into the UFC Hall of Fame prior to their fight, Forrest said he doesn’t think that Tito’s 16-10-1 record taints his legacy. “From the sport standpoint, no.  Not from a guy that knows what it’s like to get in against top level guys an how hard that is.  From a fan standpoint, yea, you look at the record you know and he’s only got a 500 record.”

There’s no doubt that Forrest has made a name for himself in the UFC and he said he’s not done fighting yet. “There’s still a lot of guys that I can beat, but I don’t know if those guys I can beat are in the top ten.  I still say I’m one of the top 25 guys in the world at 205 lbs the problem is I keep fight the top five, ten guys in the world at 205 lbs.”

Known as one of the men who’s responsible for making the UFC what it is today, Forrest’s response to whether or not the UFC may be coming close to over saturating the public with too many fights too close together, he answered, “It’s not for everybody, not everybody doesn’t like baseball, so of course not everybody gonna like fighting.”  He added, ” There’s a saturation point, I think we’re close.  But the UFC’s not stupid, they realized there’s this place called Brazil they have the third or fourth fastest growing economy in the world. They’ve always loved fighting, there’s Europe. There’s millions and millions of people over there, that love it.  As opposed to, tt’s become kind of mainstream now, and we’re finding out that many people here…I don’t see a big jump in it.  This is the big jump right here.”

Though Forrest knows he’s nearing the end of his career, he isn’t sure what the future holds when he’s done fighting.  He does have a plan to crash The Ultimate Fighter’s 16th season with Stephan Bonnar.  While he has no interest in coaching the next season, he did say he thinks it would be a great idea to live in the house with Bonnar and the two of them work as assistant coaches.

His most recent projects aside from fatherhood and possibly having another child, include writing a new book called a “Degenerate’s Guide to Life” which he explained was everything you need to know about raising a child.  He also has another book idea in mind that tells people how to live their lives as though they’re life is a movie. “I think you can justify anything in life, by like, living according to a movie.”  When asked what movie his life is right now, he answered “Star Wars – and I’m Chewbacca.”

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