Jon Jones Sentenced for DWI

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UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones who had pled guilty to a DWI back in May, was sentenced in New York today. Jones was issued a $1,000 fine, had his license suspended for six-months, is prohibited from driving in New York, must have automobile ignition interlocks installed in his vehicles, and must complete a victim-impact panel.

Jones was ordered to pay $6,563.62 in restitution to the utility company. In addition he will need to complete the victim impact panel within 90 days.  The ignition interlock devices he must have installed are similar to breathalyzers.  You have to blow into the device to prove you aren’t intoxicated before the car will start.

Jones pleaded guilty to the DWI charge on May 29th.  He was arrested in the early morning hours, May 19th, after crashing his Bentley into a utility pole in Binghamton, NY.

In a statement to local media following the sentencing, the Ithaca resident apologized for what he’d done:

“I made a major mistake, a mistake that I apologize for and definitely acknowledge,” Jones said. “(I’m) paying the consequences for my mistakes, and I just wanted to say thank you to Broome County and the people that support me most.”

“I’m definitely prepared to do whatever I can to make it right and to do things better in the future,” Jones added. “I’m excited to make you guys proud again and continue my winning ways on the positive, right foot.”

Following the sentencing Jones tweeted: “Blessed to still have the full support of Broom County/ all my fans and my DWI case officially behind me. Moving forward.”

Jones is set to defend the UFC Light Heavyweight title on Sept. 1st in Las Vegas against MMA legend, Dan Henderson.

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