Jon Jones: Doesn’t Think He’s Cleaned Out 205 & Disgusted with Chael’s Racist Remarks

Jon Jones was a guest of and clarified with them that he doesn’t think he’s cleaned out the UFC’s light heavyweight division. “Styles make these matchups,” Jones said of who could be next if he gets past Dan Henderson on September 1st at UFC 151. “Phil Davis lost to Rashad, and I beat Rashad. But that doesn’t mean Phil Davis won’t give me the fight of my life. Or Gustafsson. He’s tall, I’m tall, and he’s got long arms. Maybe that would be interesting to see. Or Glover Teixiera. He hits hard. Maybe that would be interesting. Styles make matchups. There’s guys in my gym right now that aren’t in the UFC that make me sweat and bleed. So you can’t say I’ve cleaned out the division – because I haven’t. I simply haven’t.”

But in regards to a possible rematch against Lyoto Machida, who’s been named the next challenger for the belt at 205, Jones isn’t a fan of the idea. “But as a businessman, the [fight against Machida at UFC 140] had the lowest pay-per-view sales of all the fights I had in 2011. So it’s just like, I don’t see why it would benefit me to fight him again. … I have nothing to gain there. I beat him once, and it was the lowest pay-per-view numbers I had the whole year. So why would I fight someone that no one really wants to see when there’s all these other guys working their hearts out to get a chance at me? Why do they get skipped [by] a guy who lost already?”

As for the light heavyweight division’s newest addition, Chael Sonnen, Jones has been indulging Sonnen’s twitter posts as of late. But, he revealed to MMA Junkie what he thinks about what Sonnen’s trash talking and embarking in a war of words with him.  “That guy is a joke,” he said of Sonnen, adding that he doesn’t think he’s falling prey to Sonnen’s game on Twitter. “It’s not getting baited if you know what you’re up against. My emotions weren’t involved in that.”

In addition, Jones expressed his personal feelings towards what Sonnen said regarding Brazil prior to his title fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 148.  The UFC’s Light Heavyweight Champ was thoroughly disgusted with what Sonnen calls pre-fight hype. “He mentions Brazilian kids playing with dirt while American kids play with normal toys,” Jones said. “He talks about people’s parents and families and wives. He’s a bona fide bully. … The Brazilian thing, I lost a lot of respect for him. What he said was racist. It was disrespectful and unacceptable. I have a strong stance on this because I hate what he’s doing. You can’t just insult a whole country like that. … It was terrible. As Americans, we should have been embarrassed by what he did.”

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