Frankie Edgar Moves to Featherweight

On UFC Tonight on Tuesday, Ariel Helwani reported that Frankie Edgar is reportedly moving to the featherweight division and hopes to have a fight booked by the end of the year.

On August 11th at UFC 150, Frankie Edgar got the rematch he wanted when he faced Benson Henderson for the UFC Lightweight title. The fight went to decision and Henderson retained the belt via split decision. Prior to UFC 150, UFC President Dana White had said at the UFC pre-fight press conference that he believed Frankie would be a “beast” at 145. But White added that he had no intention of trying to sway Frankie’s decision.

White reiterated at the UFC 150 post-fight press conference that the question was Edgar’s ability at 155, but rather that he could make an impact at featherweight.  “He’s always proved that he can stay at 155. There’s never been a case where Frankie’s not good enough to stay at 155, he’s not tough enough to be at 155, he’s not talented enough to be at 155, or that he’s not even big enough to stay at 155. I just think at 145, he’s a monster.”

Edgar became the UFC Lightweight Champion when he took home a unanimous decision win over BJ Penn at UFC 112. He held defended the belt against BJ Penn in their rematch at UFC 118. In Edgar vs Maynard 2, at UFC 125, Edgar retained the belt though the fight was a draw. He later defended the title in a TKO win over Maynard at UFC 136. Frankie lost the belt to Benson Henderson at UFC 144 in Japan in February this year.

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