Frankie Edgar Will Still Take Fights at 155

Frankie Edgar announced that he was making a move down to featherweight following his loss in the rematch to Benson Henderson for the UFC lightweight strap at UFC 150.  The move was something media and UFC President Dana White had suggested Frankie do for years.

Frankie was a guest on MMA Weekly Radio and told them that he weighed the decision’s pros and cons before making the decision. “I think it was just the timing of everything. Obviously the fight didn’t go my way, the two fights, and maybe just a new landscape; it’s something different down there. Not saying that I’ll never get back to 155,” Edgar stated.

Though Edgar has dropped in weight, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s only looking to challenge 145’ers. “I think big fights definitely interest me whatever weight class they’re at, so maybe in the future who knows where else I could go, but it’s just something I want to try for now.”

As of now, Edgar hasn’t booked a fight at 145 or 155, but he is interested in taking his next fight at featherweight and hopes the opponent will be a high level contender.  The goal of course is to get one step closer to Jose Aldo and challenge for the UFC featherweight title.

“Whoever it is they’d like me to fight to get the No. 1 contender’s spot, then let it be that. I’m sure they’re going to throw me in there with a solid name,” Frankie said.

In my personal opinion, after seeing Chad “Money” Mendes out class Cody McKenzie last, I feel that Mendes vs Edgar would be a way to welcome Frankie to featherweight. If not Mendes, then Ricardo Lamas. Lamas just defeated Hatsu Hioki at UFC on FX and would be a contender at 145 who could make for an interesting matchup against Edgar.

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