Ricardo Lamas Was Offered Fight vs Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar

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Steve Muelhausen of Fight Club Chicago had an exclusive interview for Bleacher Report with UFC 145’er Ricardo Lamas who had the wind knocked out of him when the UFC reportedly offered him two fights, and he ended up with none.

Two weeks after defeating Hatsu Hioki at UFC on FX 4, Lamas said the UFC called him to fight Frankie Edgar in his debut at featherweight.

“They (the UFC) offered me a fight with Frankie Edgar in December and we accepted it,” Lamas told Bleacher Report. “We were just waiting to hear back from UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby as we didn’t know if they had talked to Frankie yet or not. We accepted the fight on our side and we were just awaiting confirmation.”

Following that call, the UFC announced that Erik Koch was injured and couldn’t fight UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo at UFC 153 and Edgar would be stepping in to face Aldo. Before that announcement was made, Lamas claimed he was offered the fight against Aldo.

“They (UFC) had called me first on Thursday,” Lamas stated. “They had called me up at about 3:30 PM Central Time and said, “Obviously Koch is injured and we need to know tonight if you want to take this fight with Aldo? We think you deserve it and we need to redo your contract. We need to get it all done by tonight.”

‘We said yes, yes, yes,” Lamas stated. “We got my contract figured out and was just waiting on a bout agreement. Then they ( the UFC) called at 9 PM Central and said they decided to go in a different direction with the fight and that’s when they decided to go with Frankie.”

“I was disappointed,” Lamas said to Muelhausen. “I was really excited. That’s an opportunity guys wait their entire career for. The opportunity came of out nowhere. I wasn’t promised for months to fight Aldo. It came about last second. I can also see where the UFC thinks that it is going to be a better fight with Frankie Edgar. He (Edgar) is a former world champion and he’s more well known than I am. I appreciate that the UFC offered me the fights. It means they hold me in high regard and have me in mind.”

Ricardo hopes to have a fight booked by the end of the year.

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