WSOF Fighters Talk About Making Their Debuts with a New Promotion

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Miguel Torres (40-5, MMA) will be featured as the main event for the World Series of Fighting on NBC Sports Network debuting on Saturday, November 3rd. Josh Burkman (23-9, MMA) will face Gerald Harris in a welterweight bout on the televised card and Gregor Gracie (7-2, MMA) will take on Tyson Steel (8-1, MMA), also on the main card. Thursday afternoon at the WSOF press conference, MMA Fight Corner caught up with each fighter and talked about their upcoming fights.

Miguel Torres was fighting in the UFC until he was released by the organization after losing to Michael McDonald. He said the way he found out took him by surprise. “I got a letter in the mail, I got a phone call and a letter saying I got released from my last loss and I was really upset, I’d made the UFC home for awhile. I was in the WEC for a long time. For me, I was really upset, but you can’t dwell on the past, you can’t dwell on things like that. So, as soon as that happened, I made it public. I got a lot of offers from different organizations,” Torres said. And then he was approached by the WSOF and he thought everything they had to offer was exactly what he’d been looking for. “Coming here made the most sense for me. I never had a president of a company that was actually was fighter that I respected and actually watched for a long time and for me it was a great fit,” he said of WSOF President and K-1 legend Ray Sefo.

Though Torres’ opponent in the bantamweight class has yet to be revealed Torres said there are a couple of high profile names in the hat, and that the announcement should be made by next week. He said of the possibilities made to him that they are “very interesting names. They’re not going to give me a cake walk. He’s gonna come out and be a gamer, I know he’s going to come to the show to fight, too.

Welterweight Josh Burkman will face former UFC fighter, Gerald Harris. Harris has been fighting for various MMA promotions since being released by the UFC and Burkman has stayed busy fighting in his native Utah with Showdown Fights. The announcement that he’ll be fighting Harris came early Thursday, just hours before the press conference.

Burkman said of the match up, “I don’t know a whole bunch on Gerald Harris, so I’ve watched a little bit of film. I know he’s a good wrestler, he’s strong he’s tough, he throws good punches. For me, I’m ready to fight anybody in the world and in this show I have a plan in this show, I’m not just showing up with no plan. And I feel like I’m going to come and win a couple of fights and I’m going to be able to headline and win a belt and then hopefully that will lure some other top welterweights in the world into this show and I can beat them up too.”

Gregor Gracie and his brother Rolles Gracie, Jr are also competing in the WSOF. Gregor has a 7-2 MMA career and has never been submitted. He’ll face Tyson Steel in his debut with the WSOF and plans to keep that stat in tact. “Let’s hope it keeps this way. I hope never to be submitted. Also he’s a very good fighter. I watched a lot of his videos already. I’m excited for this fight, I’m already working hard.”

The WSOF also confirmed in their press conference that former UFC fighter James McSweeney will also fight on the preliminary card for the promotion. His opponent has yet to be named. Since joining the Shamrock Events MMA promotion out of Australia, James has been on a 4-fight win streak. For McSweeney, the timing is perfect to join a new promotion and he’s ecstatic about the opportunity.

“My whole career has been a huge roller coaster, from bad injuries to ups to highs to huge lows. And it just goes to show you just stick to what you do, stick to your dreams, stick to your belief and if you work hard enough things are going to come. And right now it’s really starting to pay off,” he said. “I had some real traumatic injuries in my back, I left the UFC and then since then I’ve just been climbing my way back to where I feel that I deserve. I feel this is the platform I’ll be able to show it and I just can’t wait to get out there and fight and show everyone the new me.”

The main card of the November 3rd event features:
Miguel Torres (main event)
Gregor Gracie v Tyson Steel
Ronys Torres v Brian Cobb
Josh Burkman v Gerald Harris

The card will be aired on NBC Sports Network at 7:30 PDT, 10:30 EST. Tickets will be on sale tomorrow for the live event at the Planet Hollywood PH Live in Las Vegas, NV happening September 7th. Visit for more information.

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